Emmy Night

Emmy 2015

Hooray for Hollywood where the brightest stars light up the night with signature style. Fashion takes the forefront so this year’s fashion Emmys go to…..

Kerry Washington, DE8824

Kerry Washington, DE8824

Show Stopping Sheer: Kerry Washington poses in her cocktail length frock by
Marc Jacobs in sheer pewter. Spangle effects and burnished metallic are equally
trending for home décor as Candice Olson printed natural mica chip pattern
‘Grillwork Mica’ can attest.

Laura Prepon, LS6104NA

Laura Prepon, LS6104NA

Bold Bolero: Laura Prepon dazzles with classic Hollywood glamour in chiffon, silk and golden scroll embroidered bolero custom couture from Christian Siriano. Echoing classic luxury of the Far East, just as pattern ‘Damasco’ brings stylized damask and scrolls in luxurious gold to the wall.


Joanna Newsom, AV2801

Cameo Appearance: Haute couture always creates a buzzand Janna Newsome’s gown by Delpozo is no exception.  This cameo combo in blush and coral combines both vintage and modern for edgy sophistication. While pattern ‘Neoclassic Cameo’, inspired from our Archival files, brings the beauty of yesterday to theBoho look of today’s interiors.

Sofia Vergara, WD2925WS

Sofia Vergara, WD2925WS

Love the Lamé: Nothing sizzles like glass bead and no one knows that better than Sophia Vergara as mermaid silhouetted shimmer shows off her famous hourglass figure on the red carpet. Aptly named pattern ‘Pixie’ in beaded sinuous strands on pearlescent ground couldn’t agree more!

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees for Emmy 2015 and remember, anyone can be a star with a bit of talent and theperfect dress. So dress your home for success with beautiful patterns and the inspiring performance of York Wallcoverings.  www.yorkwall.com

Industrial Revolution

Warehouse renovation and the reinvention of industrial space for residential use has redefined décor. Here, sophistication is raw, elements unfinished and concepts of repurposing and redefining reign. If you’re as inspired by the industrial trend as we are, here’s a short list of basics to help achieve the look that has taken interiors by storm.

Repurpose common and utilitarian items into decorative pieces with an emphasis on vintage finds. Architectural objects (like stained glass doors) and everyday items (such as scissors, rusty barn hooks, tractor seats and old books) become new and intriguing when used in decorative ways.

Patterns: “Pablo” from the Urban Chic collection; “Library” and “Conveyor” from the Industrial Interiors collection. All other images found on Pinterest.

Mix fixtures and materials in a balance of “modern meets natural” and look to the unconventional for a new twist on oversized art. Here, more IS more, so layer it on in an eclectic mix to warm up the cool sophistication of functional design.

Caption here

Patterns: “Brick”, “Pound the Pavement” and “Street Art” from the Urban Chic collection from York. All other images found on Pinterest.


Knowing your manufacturing metals such as brass, steel, iron and copper is a must. Choose furnishings with their origins in industrial applications such as retro office furniture or fixtures with exposed mechanical detailing. Plumbing pipe has practical application from handrails to hardware, and subway tiles are finally getting out of the train station!

Caption Here

Patterns: “Vintage Tin” and “Grand Central” from Urban Chic; Pattern “Street Light” (center image) from the Restoration Elements commercial collection for MDC. All other images from Pinterest.

This is the perfect environment for play, experimentation, adaptation and invention, so most importantly, enjoy your space and be comfortable in it. Welcome to the new Industrial Revolution!

Postcards from Paradise

Warm gentle breezes and lazy vacations parked under a palm define this side of paradise for most of us. Take a trip of the imagination to sunny worlds far away, and dream. Those dreams can become reality and when you get there, remember to bring a little piece of heaven home to hold onto.


Patterns: Athens (MS6491) from Modern Shapes by Carey Lind Designs, Watercolor Jacobean (AT7020) from Tropics by Ashford House, Garden Pergola (GE3684) from Geometrics by Ashford House.

Santorini Greece;  home of the ancient Minoan civilization, which gave rise to the mythological lost city of Atlantis. This volcanic island on the glittering teal blue Aegean is possibly one of the most beautifully romantic places in the world. Hot baked whites and desert clay, vivid color with the intensity of the sun; this is the desert by the sea.





Patterns: Moroccan Spot (GE3618) Geometrics by Ashford House, Bali Leaves (AT7052) Tropics by Ashford House, Belle of the Ball (GC8801) Global Chic by Waverly.

Havana Cuba; the Paris of the Antilles, is a 500 year old port of call which summons fantastic  images of  pirates, rum and cigars in the heart of Old Havana. The once vibrant and exotic pre-revolution playground of the rich and famous is poised on the edge of a new age of luxury as a resort destination. Now filled with nostalgic vintage Americana and abundant retro style, experience the charm of the Caribbean in weathered pattern and soft wind worn color, before it’s gone.



Patterns: Bamboo Trellis (AT7079) Tropics by Ashford House, Homeycomb (GE3641) Geometrics by Ashford House, Chunky Floral (EB2060) Vibe by Carey Lind Designs.

Cancun Mexico; The Throne of Snakes, was once a sleepy fisherman’s island surrounded by undiscovered shores, sitting just north of the Riviera Maya has now been transformed into one of the most visited resort areas of Mexico. Embraced by the second largest coral reef in the world and kissed by cooling trade winds boasts a pastel palette of soft sand, flamingo pinks and cooling crème de menthe all offset by brilliant Caribbean blue. It truly is an invitation few could refuse.

Find your own little piece of heaven inspired by the patterns from paradise, and live the dream all the year through. www.yorkwall.com