Hot Summer Days, Cool Summer Nights

Heat it Up with Hot Pink
Step aside ballet pink:  hot pink is exactly that – hot!  It’s a bold new look for a feminine classic, whether you wear it, or your walls wear it!  From designer gowns to designer walls, this softly intense color states feminine confidence.  Our Charleston damask takes boring walls to new places with hot pink, stunning in both its scale and dimensional finish.  Accent pieces like this Roccoco mirror with its curves and filigree scrolls add a bright pop of color; truly a reflection of a bold new you.  Smaller accents can be just as dynamic – so don’t hold back – unless its with a graceful drapery accessory!

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Ronald Redding’s Charleston Damask wallpaper (DD8377).  Curtain holdback,  Hollywood Regency Vintage Hot Pink Mirror,  Marchesa Fashion gown,

Cool it Down with Sea Glass.
Cool breezes, aquamarine ocean, sandy beaches.  Ok, perhaps a trip to the Carribean is not in your future.   You can still capture the essence of this little bit of paradise with  beautiful sea glass color throughout your home.  Vintage meets refreshed with sea glass tones in this inspired Scrimshaw motif; the perfect conversation starter for walls in that special room, or the plates you set the table with.  Accent your home with gorgeous sea glass drawer pulls, inspired by the roll of ocean waves; or accent yourself with beautiful sea glass jewelry softened by time and tides.

Sea glass terrace canopy from Coastal Home blog.  Drawer pulls,  Maritime Scrimshaw wallpaper (NY4821) from York's Nautical Living collection.  Sea glass pendant from  Whale plates from

Sea glass terrace canopy from Coastal Home blog. Drawer pulls, Maritime Scrimshaw wallpaper (NY4821) from York’s Nautical Living collection. Sea glass pendant from Whale plates from

Keep it Comfortable with Neutrals.
For those who don’t like the extremes of hot and cool, there’s always the gracious living created with richly designed and intricately textured neutrals.  These splendid hues are a very distant cousin to boring beige with their warm grounds, rich tops and layers of shimmer and shine.

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Clean line damask wallpaper, Escala (DD8459) and Chunky floral wallpaper (EB2059) both from Ronald Redding’s new Designer Damasks collection.  Rattan chaise by Luxxella Outdoor Patio Wicker.

What a fine balance, the deep warm tones of rattan married to the cool crisp whites of cotton.  And what better way to have them joined then in an inviting double chaise for the garden and in a clean lined damask, or inviting floral for your walls.

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Teahouse Floral wallpaper (EB2073) from the Carey Lind Vibe collection.  Earthy neutrals clothing and accessories from  Cork Jack Rogers sandals from Pinterest.  Damask Stripe with metallic accents wallpaper from York’s Botanical Fantasy collection.

Add an earthy splash of garden color to your neutrals with leaf green for a relaxed yet chic look that is equally appealing in cropped shorts, chiffon blouse and sunhat or pretty floral bloom trail for your walls.  Or bring on some bling to an already intriguing texture like these delightful cork sandals or lacey chain damask wallpaper.

Whatever your favorite climate, wherever your favorite locale, and whichever your favorite design direction, York Wallcoverings with its thousands of patterns, has you and your walls covered.  Go ahead, log on to and find the wallpaper that is all about you!

Set Sail for Home

The Lobster Pot
No trip to the Northeast’s craggy coastline is complete without a lobster dinner or two, or a lobster roll if you want it served the easy way!  Try a little lobster whimsy in your décor to truly capture the “downeast” nautical lifestyle in your coastal home.  York’s “Weathered Seashore” wallpaper sets a warm welcome in the entryway; it’s a great combination of lobsters and starfish to name a few and establishes a relaxed mood for your home as soon as you cross the threshold.

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Lobsterfest Blue rug on ottoman by Company C.  Weathered Seashore wallpaper (NY4883) from York’s Nautical Living collection.

Tying the Knot
Want a fun take on a lattice?  So popular this year to see trellis and lattice motifs – why knot take it in a new direction with a rope design?  Clean and simple like the sailor’s bowline knot, it’s the perfect backdrop for any room in a seaside home. Pull the look together with some navy plaid, and blue and white striped bedding and our decorative Sailing Flags border, tripled stacked for more impact.  Round it out with a knotted door stop and some rope base bedside lamps; what’s knot to like!

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Knotted Door Stop from Ballards.  Knot Trellis wallpaper (NY4847) and Sailing Flags wall border (NY4842BD) from York’s Nautical Living collection.

Three Ships Come Sailing In
Truly, the gentleman’s yacht is a stately sailing vessel, its sleek lines a fluid design, its bright white sails capturing the power of the wind.  Whether racing or relaxing, a sailboat makes you one with the sea.  Pen and ink sketches, exquisite scrimshaw and masculine flannel set a classic tone to nautical décor that speaks to traditional elegance done in handsome contemporary styling.  Pair statement graphite gray tones with hints of warm neutrals for a room that is easy to add finishing touches to.

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Coastal Library wallpaper (NY4889), Scrimshaw wallpaper (NY4819), Pond Yachts line drawing wallpaper (NY4974) and Nautical Spot wallpaper (NY4807) all from York’s Nautical Living collection.  Newport Sloop Sailboat model from Ballards.

Simply Sea Garden
Whether the Atlantic, Gulf or Pacific, the sea inspires us with gorgeous shades of blue-green that interpret beautifully into home décor.  Soothing shades of softest blue like the Gulf on a warm summer day bring serenity to your home.  York captures this mood with a beautiful wall design of floating coral and pretty shells in hues that create restful spaces.  Bright seas that twinkle with lights of deep green and rich blue are the essence of the mighty Atlantic and York interprets the depth of these colors in our Lillian design; a fresh floral in sea tones that hints at Jacobean style.  And for those who prefer a more casual lifestyle that creates a relaxed environment York designed our Bartola plaid to be both beautiful, practical, and rugged as the Pacific.


Starfish pillow from Company C.  Bartola Plaid wallpaper (NY5006), Lillian wallpaper (NY4863) from York’s Nautical Living collection.  Mariana Six Light White Coral chandelier from, and Coral Shells wallpaper (NY4870) from York’s Nautical Living collection.

For all the wonderful and inspiring ways to bring your love of the sea shore into your home visit <>  and enjoy browsing through our Nautical Living collection.

Stepping Out For Summer

Its summer time!  The world around us comes alive with pretty prints:  your favorite sundress, cheerful patio cushions, favorite beach towel, and that’s just the beginning!  Take time for a second look at the fun patterns this summer on shirts and tees, sneakers and handbags, and last but not least wallpaper!  Because where fashion goes, wallpaper is never far behind!

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Keds Champion Owls lace ups and York’s Bird and Tree mural (YS9234M) from Peek a Boo in soft pink.  York’s Chevron wallpaper (KS2310) and Keds Crash Back Zig Zag laceless in lime. Keds x Kate Spade New York Pointers and York’s Lemons (KB8627) from Bistro 750 in bright yellow.

Summer Brights!  Clear and bold like the season’s sunny days and vivid floral gardens, the joy of summer is exemplified in casual palettes of zesty lemon, citrus lime or sweet at heart petal pinks with whimsical motifs including woodland creatures or the lure of melon colors and tropical delights. We’re in love with prints; it’s what we do here at York, so when we discovered the charming pattern packed line from Keds this summer we couldn’t resist the urge to mix and match those strong patterns because patchwork works!

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Pom Pom Play wallpaper (WP2436) from Waverly Small Prints and Keds Teacup Tie Dye floral in teal.  Keds Champion floral, a Taylor Swift pick, and Teahouse Floral (EB2076) from Carey Lind’s Vibe collection.  Knotted Trellis wallpaper (NY4847) from York’s Nautical Living collection and Keds champion Knot lace ups in nautical navy.

Singing the blues! Have you noticed that blues are everywhere? From trend right turquoise to the earthy delights of natural indigos and denim, blue is the next wave. Wrap your wall in a palette of Asian inspired blue and white china patterns or pamper your toes with Teacup tie dye floral, and be sure to pull the ottoman close to your pampered walls to show off those pretty  Champion “Floral” Keds- a favorite of Taylor Swift! Red hot blue is very cool….

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Keds Champion Americana lace ups and York’s Striped Pennant border (NY4904BD) from the Nautical Living collection.  Anchors Away border (NY4909BD) from the Nautical Living collection and Keds Champion Anchors lace ups.  Keds x Kate Spade New York Champion Seaport Dot lace ups and Dot Variety wallpaper (JE3747) from York’s Friends Forever collection.

In the Navy! Let’s “knot” forget navy, packing nautical punch and expanding into all realms of home décor as the newest neutral. Classic red, white and blue never goes out of fashion, but this season keeps it fresh with a lively assortment of striking savvy stripes, anchors, lobsters, dots and seaport themes.  Scrimshaw art and technical yachting gear brings new sophistication to weathered beach and bay. Let’s face it, nautical has it all laced up this summer!

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Wonderland wallpaper (WS8056) from Disney Signature collection and Keds x Kate Spade New York Pointers in floral pink.  Keds x Kate Spade New York Champion laceless Geo in Navy Red and Ashford Geometrics wallpaper (GE3641) in soft teal and metallic.  Garden Gate wallpaper (CC9657) from Aged Elegance II and Keds Champion Ikat lace ups.

Fashion Forward.  Runway favorites this year include stylized bold floral, geometrics of all kinds and trend right ikat prints.  Hexagons and bold ironwork industrial plus a striking array of garden botanical silhouettes create an extraordinary mix of the bold and beautiful as these heavy hitters embrace a palette which includes metallic touches for subtle shimmer and acknowledge their Pop Art roots. Thoroughly modern Mod is just beginning, so imagine the possibilities; at that’s a relatively easy feat!