Liquid Metals

From an early age the shimmer of precious metals attracts our eye; its a beautiful obsession that wonderfully adorns whatever surface is lucky enough to wear it.  This year metals are fluid, the sheen just a little shinier as if the metal has just been poured by a careful craftsman.

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Sterling silver bangle bracelet from Filigree paneled Venetia wallpaper (SL5724) from Ronald Redding Designs Silver Leaf II.  Oscar de la Renta resort runway silver ensemble.

Silver still tops the charts both on and off the runway.  New traditions emerge from their classic roots into breathtaking works of art; a subtle scroll, a gentle curve, but with a river of liquid metal that gleams as it reflects the light and polishes the surfaces it covers.  Adorn your walls with Ronald Redding’s new tradition wallpaper; softly ornate paneled scrolls on gleaming silver metallic, and have your home looking runway worthy.

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Mid century wing chair from  Evening gown from Jade green and gold oval ogee Malabar wallpaper (SL5602) from Ronald Redding’s Silver Leaf II collection.

Fashion salutes tradition with classic gold. Deep golden tones in simple contemporary motifs beautifully blended with on trend colors for a look that is classic yet forward in style.  Pair fluid gold with colors such as sea glass or milky jade for just the right amount of contrast to be intriguing.  Clever artists capitalize on the fluid movement that gold creates, successfully distinguishing everything from ball gowns, to jewelry, chairs to wallpaper.

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Brushed nickel floral Bella wallpaper (SL5672) from Ronald Redding’s Silver Leaf II collection.  Gown from Pinterest.  Avebury chest from Joss & Main.  Hand forged knot napkin rings from Restoration Hardware.

Enamored with metallic shine, yet prefer the subtle approach?  Brushed nickel is going to be your best friend.  There is something undeniably attractive about the understated elegance that goes hand-in-hand with glowing surfaces, lightly textured, in a design that defines liquid fluidity.  Keep it soft with gentle curves and touches of texture.  Brushed nickel is a beautiful choice to adorn your home from accents to major wall spaces and everything in between.

Liquid Medal4

Chandelier from  Gown from Imgend.  Mylar Catalina wallpaper (SL5691) from Ronald Redding Designs Silver Leaf II collection.

Glint!  The best compromise ever made in the world of glamorous living. Blending the best of gold and silver elevates this precious metal to a whole new dimension in luxury.  Beautifully in the middle, Glint pairs perfectly with both deep and rich, or soft and subtle; its versatility contributing to its success.  It wins every time its used making it a fail safe option and fashion favorite synonymous with luxury and good taste.

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Chanel watch from Chanel.  Table top from Mylar circle geometric wallpaper Debut (WS8004) from Disney Signature collection.

Deep gleaming gold; the dramatic choice.  Want to stop them in their tracks?  Try the dynamite duo of rich fluid gold paired with the sophistication of tuxedo black.  This “no holds barred” approach to your fashion statement will be the envy of all who see it.  Show stopping in evening wear, and equally eye catching in home décor like table top or striking wallpaper motifs.

Find the perfect liquid metal décor for your home in Ronald Redding’s new Silver Leaf II wallpaper collection, available this November.

Reflections of Personal Style


The most talented designers know its all about capturing and reflecting light that finishes a room, taking it to the next level beyond simply the color palette story. For rooms that glow there’s a new wallpaper in town – Mylar is back and its better than ever.

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Silver Backpack, Eastpak X Nicomede Talavera.  Mylar Ribbon wallpaper (Y6131103) from York’s Reflections collection.  Silver Sneakers from  Mylar Stripe wallpaper (Y6130101)  from York’s Reflections collection. Iridescent Mylar outfit from

Tinsel Town - Slick, sleek, reflective and flashy; these styles are for those who want to bring on the bling!  Winter white with a graphic ribbon design in Mylar is pure eye candy up close and lends a more subtle sheen from across the room; this wallpaper design is the perfect choice for contemporary furniture styles.  Or choose a soft stripe that glints reflectively and is oh, so versatile.  The slight fresco background marries it well to either loft décor or grand mansion, its mirror like accents securing it firmly in fashion forward favor.

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Gold dress by Georges Chakra. White and Gold floral Mylar trail wallpaper (Y6130605) from York’s Reflections collection.  Gold shoe by Jimmy Choo.  Ivory and Gold Damask wallpaper (Y6130402) and Textured Shell Damask wallpaper (Y6131302) from York’s Reflections collection.

24 Karat – At the heart of sophisticated luxury lies 24 karat gold; its rich patina is opulent like no other metal.  A unique finish to today’s Mylar softens the gold into timeless beauty like this gorgeous floral trail wallcovering with ink sketch outlining and warm winter white background.  Embrace the new clean-lined damask with embossed golden Mylar for a touch of Versailles and a little joie de vivre!  For walls that glisten with an overall golden glow, select a textured tonal motif that whisper softly of refined elegance.

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Dolce – Gabbana inspired hair accessories from  Willow leaves wallpaper (Y6130704) from York’s Reflections collection.  Jewelry pieces from  Metallic leaves ensemble from  Fresco Damask wallpaper (Y6131001) from York’s Reflections collection.  Sparkle shoes from B by Brian Atwood.

Burnished Bronze – Warmly earthy, yet brilliantly gleaming, shades of copper and bronze marry bling and organic design together creating the epitome of fashion forward glamor.  A collage of willow branches free fall on a softly glimmering background, reflecting light in hushed tones of earthy minerals; the ultimate in stylish wall design for those entranced by nature’s beauty.  Or create the perfect blending of old world elegance with contemporary brilliance with a frescoed damask wallpaper that layers on the soft patina of hammered metals with glints of liquid metals, capturing the light and reflecting on your good taste!

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Lovely Lavender makeup by Dagens.  Lavender gown by Abed Mahfouz.  Lavender and Mylar trellis wallpaper (Y6130507) and Floral Mylar Silhouette wallpaper (Y6130613) both from York’s Reflections collection.  Best Ankle Candy shoes from Nina Ricci.

New Romantics – Step aside 12 color floral, the new romantic fashion statement has gossamer amethyst going steady with shimmering Mylar.  Its pretty, its sophisticated, its paparazzi worthy!  Select a trendy trellis design for your walls with a hushed lavender ground and mirror like fretwork for the room that features chrome and silver accents.  For unabashedly feminine décor that still sets a fashion savvy statement choose a floral trail silhouette where amethyst plays the leading role in a juxtaposition of matt and glimmering finishes, so lovely with mirrored chests and crystal accents.

For an up-close and personal look at what Mylar is all about these days, visit York Wallcoverings at and key Mylar in the search bar – choosing your favorite new wallpaper is just that easy!

Budding Artists & Happily Ever Afters

There is something tremendously heartwarming in the creative motifs and saturated colors of children’s artwork.  At York we capture the spirit of youthful whimsy in our kid’s collections through luscious colors and simple engaging designs that fill your home with a happy family glow.

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Wild Animal wallpaper (ZB3212) and Rocket Space wallpaper (BS5384) both by York Wallcoverings.  Jolie-Pitt wedding photos from Hello! magazine.  Instant Message  wallpaper (BS5472) and Doodlerific wallpaper (BS5427) both by York Wallcoverings.

And York is not the only place you’ll find families are glowing these days!  Hollywood’s dream couple, Angelina and Brad, make it official; celebrating their marriage in France on August 23rd.  Angelina looks beautiful in whatever ensemble adorns her, but this day the fashion statement is all about family.  To quote Hello magazine “Jolie’s plain white floor-length antique lace and silk dress and veil featured an unorthodox twist, with drawings by their six children sewed into the gown by Atelier Versace master tailor Luigi Massi.”  And just like York’s Room to Grow collection, the Jolie-Pitt family artists love to draw animals, flowers, the sky and outer space, as well as family silhouettes.

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Kate, William and birthday baby Prince George image from Hello! magazine.  Cars 1,2,3 wallpaper border (YS9130BD) and Ticking wallpaper (SA9135) both by York Wallcoverings.

William, Kate and little Prince George captivated the crowds in Australia and New Zealand during the recent Royal Tour; their glowing happiness as a family apparent at every stop.  And with the recent announcement of baby #2 on the way there will be another royal to watch as the family gains a new member!

Kate Middleton and baby Prince George image from Hello! magazine.  Hot Air Balloons wallpaper (YS9193) and Franco geometric wallpaper (YS9318) both from York’s Peek a Boo collection.

Kate continues to impress with her flair for fashion, always looking lovely in rich colors and fabulous patterns.  Prince George is well turned out too with snappy pinstripes, adorable smocking and whimsical motifs, usually in strong blue tones like his Daddy.  These sophisticated new traditions for the prince are remarkably similar to on trend kid’s room styles like those found in York’s Room To Grow and Peek a Boo collections.

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Soccer wallpaper border (BS5317BD) and Sneakers wallpaper border (BS5362BD) by York.  Photo of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith and children from The Urban Daily.

Another family that we find stylishly inspiring is Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith and their clan.  Wherever their images pop up they exude togetherness and unique style.  So confident in dashing bold colors with a great blend of sophisticated-meets-casual flair.  Wonderfully fresh, just like York’s Room to Grow collection that features bold colors on canvas sneakers, sports motifs with pops of orange that suggest motion, new retro peace signs and juicy color pennant flags.


Peace Signs wallpaper border (KS2274B) and Pennant Flag wallpaper border (KS2286BD) both by York Wallcoverings.  Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith and family photo by

Creating Happily Ever After for your kids is incredibly easy with York’s inspiring youth designs in on trend colors.  You provide the walls, we provide the fun.  Both Room to Grow and Cool Kids are printed on York’s technologically advanced Sure Strip – guaranteed easy to install and removes in minutes.  Parents, this is your Happily Ever After too!