York Wallcoverings Color of the Year: Aqua

The soothing tranquilly and organically fluid motion of waters pairs perfectly with the major colors and themes for 2018. Enter aqua; bright, easy and usable companion or stand-alone statement promising beautiful, invigorating balance for the New Year.


Ultra Violet: Eclectic and energetic Ultra Violet takes center stage with cool-as-ice blue delivering a powerful push-back punch in vibrating high pitched tints of Aqua. This balancing act gives the eccentric counter culture personality of strong purple a soothing meditative quality through watery aqua.

Top Right Wallpaper: Spontaneity Bottom Right Wallpaper: The Right Angle, both from the Culture Club Collection 



Oceanside: Aqua blue on Ocean blue resonates from classic porcelains to saturated jewel tones. This ever elegant pairing makes room for more eclectic visions for 2018. Utilized everywhere from Nordic interiors to lively spring fashion palettes for 2018, deep blue begins to keep younger company with aqua’s cheery  uplift of soft, bright color.

Top Featured Wallpaper: Ribbon from the Mid Century Collection  Bottom Left Wallpaper: Perspective from the Carey Lind Cloud Nine Collection



Caliente: Spiced up Caliente gets soothing counterpoint with refreshing aqua acting as an anchoring agent. This year bold and brave refined red is reminded not to take itself too seriously, and aqua has the breezy spirited whimsy to do the trick.

Featured Wallpaper Pattern: Whimsical Wallpaper from the Carey Lind Watercolors Collection


Aqua is a bright, easy and usable companion which promises beautiful, invigorating balance for the New Year. Submerge yourself, or try just a sip, either way it’s worth taking the plunge!

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Madcap Cottage Wallpaper Chat


York: How did you come up with the name – Madcap Cottage?

Madcap: We wanted to create a lifestyle brand that captured our passion for sophisticated fun and whimsy- whether speaking to the home space or fashion and accessories. Stay tuned: There might even be a Madcap Cottage hotel in the works! Madcap Cottage is an invitation to a rollicking good time where style is aspirational but also affordable and attainable. Everyone is welcome, so pull up a seat and join the festivities.

York: What makes you both so unique?

Madcap: We see the world a tad differently than most, and we say that humbly. We keep our eyes open and soak up everyday adventure and instill what we see into our designs. The Madcaps are lucky enough to travel to the Indias and Chinas of the world, but we also lap up our frequent road trips with the pound-rescue pups to places such as Iowa, Florida and Maine. We were just inspired by a shopping trip to our local Publix supermarket and a stripe we spotted amongst the banana display. A fabled Vogue editor once said, “The eye has to travel,” and we cannot agree more. Never, ever be boring or beige. And always have fun. Life is too short to not enjoy the ride.

York: When decorating a home, what signature piece do you feel is necessary to tie everything together?

Madcap: A home should always feel lived in and never like a museum. So fill your home with pieces that aren’t perfect so you don’t have to worry about putting your feet up or allowing the dogs to jump up on the sofa. A home needs antiques and vintage pieces with history and a storyline too. Who wants a home to look like a showroom?



York: How would you describe your style?

Madcap: Our personal style is English country house meets a relaxed, easy-breezy American sensibility. But we have crafted homes for clients that are modern, traditional and bohemian. As designers it’s up to us to get inside our clients’ heads and bring their vision to life. We are storytellers capturing our clients’ brand stories.


York: If your walls could talk, what would they say?

Madcap: Thank you for lavishing us with wallpaper! Our walls are happy campers.

York: What’s next for the Madcaps?

Madcap: We have just released our new book, “Prints Charming: Create Absolutely Beautiful Interiors with Prints & Patterns,” from Abrams as well as our York Wallcoverings wallpaper collection, a grouping of wall art from RoomMates that was inspired by our travels and collections, and an upholstered furniture selection from Chapter 3 Furniture that is beautifully detailed and scaled, extremely affordable, and made in America. Stay tuned for Madcap Cottage lighting and rugs! And there might be some fashion in the works, too!


View the full Madcap Cottage Wallpaper Collection here!

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Behind the Collection with Madcap Cottage

The men of Madcap Cottage have put their heart and souls into their new collection with York Wallcoverings; and here we dig a little deeper to find out the inspiration behind each of their patterns.


Chez Bamboo

Picture a long, long strand of sandy shores, punctuated with towering palms and cool oasis of calm, imagine the wind blows balmy breezes, the scene of salt kisses the air, and plucky, pineapple-fringed cocktails flow freely upon the lanai. As she gazes out to sea under a sprawling straw hat, a vintage motorcraft pulls up to the dock and a mysterious stranger beckons. Who? Where? What? Why not?, she reasons… An invitation to adventure awaits, and the night is young. Dinner will be served amongst the bamboo, he says. “The deepest dark bamboo.” The candles are lit, and the music kicks up a scirocco beat. Won’t you come aboard?



Bermuda Bay

 A leafy nod to the tropics that adds a spirited dash of glamour to any home – from Los Angeles to Connecticut and everywhere in between. Embrace the great outdoors and bring them within. This stripe tease will add instant drama to your walls and capture a throwback elegance that channels yesterday, today and tomorrow. Welcome to the dinner party, welcome to the carefree abandon, welcome to serious, sophisticated fun.




Isleboro Eve

Summer begins its welcoming embrace on the coast of Maine. Peonies march into the distance, blousy and packed with color, and waves crash against the rocky coastline. A sailboat bobs in the distance, and a spirited game of croquet commences on the impossibly green lawn that extends from her to eternity. The sun sparks overhead, and the afternoon beckons. A glass of fresh mint lemonade and a well-thumbed copy of The Hotel New Hampshire. Embrace the fantasy, and bring it home.




Cabanarama! (Stripes)

Cool. Calm. Collected. A sultry summer afternoon, a cerulean-hued swimming pool and cabana-striped awnings under a cloudless sky the color of sapphires. A beach ball tossed, the  tinkling of ice as it slowly melts in a tall glass of tea, and the scent of climbing roses. A clipped topiary. Bossa nova on the stereo. “Oh, pool boy,” she trills, raising a hand of red-lacquered nails, a gold charm bracelet tinkling in the breeze. “A cool spritz, s’il vous plait.”



Into the Garden

An invitation into the garden, a celebration of clipped boxwoods and the myriad pleasures of the folly, that whimsical architectural fantasy smack in the middle of a verdant landscape. An impromptu picnic upon the lawn beside the fanciful topiaries, a marvelous menagerie that invites fun and frolic. As evening falls, it’s time for tall cocktails under the trellis.




Lake Agawam

Sailing across the waters, a riot of dew-kissed lotus blossoms stretches along the shore, imbuing the air with a sweet, exotic scent. Birds chirp as they splash about the sun-splashed shallows, the cooling breezes rustling feathers anf stirring tall trees along the shoreline. With a sphinx-like glint, she turns and smiles. “Tag, you’re it,” she laughs, cerulean-hued eyes flashing in the crepuscular light.





Manor Born

 Inspired by the Madcap Cottage gents’ two pound-rescue pugs, Weenie and Amy Petunia, this playful posse perches in Meissen china-style elegance atop glamorous Chinoiserie pillows against a timeless rattan backdrop. Whimsical. Timeless. Gracious. Sophisticated. Fun.






View the full Madcap Cottage collection here




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