York Wallcoverings’ First Corporate Paper Party

York Wallcoverings Paper Party invite artwork. Sure Strip wallpapers by York Wallcoverings from left to right – Liminary (ER8172) Waverly Cottage, Jaco Floral (EB2033) Vibe by Cary Lind Designs, Pom Pom Play (WP2436) Waverly Small Prints, Toss the Bouquet (KS2393) Cool Kids, Large Lattice (WT4609) Cary Lind Designs Watercolors)

Who doesn’t love a party? That’s what we thought!  So we invited a group of convivial guests to spend an entertaining and enlightening experience with us at a York Wallcoverings Paper Party.


The unique York Wallcoverings sign fashioned from antique printing press parts. Julie and Steve Groff and their crafty ciders from Wyndridge Farm. Guests pose for a photo op before Watercolor Poppy (WT4505) from the Cary Lind Watercolor collection.

The soirée began with a buffet of delectable light bites and a selection of refreshing craft libations from Wyndridge Farm of South Central PA. It was an opportunity for everyone to socialize with York Wallcoverings’ President, Carl Vizzi, and members of the Executive staff, plus others from the studio, marketing department, and retail store.

On the list of events were guided tours of both factory and studio, complete with a demonstration by our Digital Graphic Designer, Alexis Mills.


Gina Shaw, VP of Product Development. Diamond Oasis (WH2667) from WallpapHer,  Delicate Rose Stripe (AV2809) York Wallcoverings  – 120th Anniversary Archive Edition, Large Lattice (CM2383) Watercolors by Cary Lind Designs.

A highlight of the evening was “Trend Talk,” a power point presentation by Gina Shaw, VP of Product Development, where she shared gorgeous images and insight into Bohemian luxury, geometrics, and blue with metallic gold color trends, among others featured at the Paris Deco Off and Maison D’Object design shows for 2015.


The York Wallcoverings Décor Style Profile, a fun way to reveal your inner designer.

A fun aspect of the evening was a multiple-choice quiz geared to determine one’s style personality; a step toward zoning in on the most appealing collections to mesh with individual fashion sense.


Joanne Berwager, Marketing Manager, assisting guests with their Décor Style Profiles. Couture style fashioned from York wall paper.

The piece de resistance was the interactive exhibition of Sure Strip, our revolutionary new product that is as user friendly as it is decorative. Tim Quinn, VP of Sales and Marketing, and Joanne Berwager, Marketing Manager, showed, with the able assistance of retail sales personnel and willing volunteers from the audience, the effortless Sure Strip installation and removal that makes it a breeze to change out your wallpaper whenever the mood strikes. No longer need wallpaper strike fear in the hearts of do-it-yourselfers, when the mist of H2O from our spray bottles makes hanging and stripping this beautiful art form amazingly quick, neat, and simple!


Spray bottle, brush, and knife. Lattice (JR5749) Sapphire Oasis collection. Associates from the York Wallcoverings retail store assist guests in hanging and removing our Sure Strip products.

A grand time was had by all. Now who doesn’t love a Paper Party?  I can’t wait for the next one!


Kim Gates, Marketing Director, and Jeremy  Slagle, Graphic Designer, love our Sure Strip wallpaper.









A Lasting Bouquet for Mom

More beautiful than a bouquet of flowers, your Mom’s warmth, wisdom, wit, and wonderful commitment to you, blooms in your heart and helps you to blossom into the beautiful person she believed you could be.  Mother’s Day is the perfect time to give back to Mom; give her a lasting bouquet.

Caption Here

Flower Power wallpaper (RB4207) from York’s Risky Business II collection.

Purity and cheerfulness all wrapped up in a pretty multi petaled flower.  Daisies are the fifth most popular flower in the world.  Sending them is the perfect way to brighten your Mom’s day.  Even better, give her a daisy bouquet that wraps her walls in bright, fresh color in a slightly retro style that says she respects the past but is fully positioned for the future.  Petal Pusher wallpaper is simply the perfect motif for the Mom who likes her home clean, fresh, and inviting.

Caption Here

Watercolor Poppies (WT4504) from Carey Lind Designs Watercolors collection by York.           (Sure Strip)

Peonies are known as the flower of riches and honor.  With their lush, full, rounded bloom, peonies embody romance and prosperity and are regarded as an omen of good fortune.  The unconditional love from your Mother is a fortunate blessing, and honoring your Mother with a rich bouquet of peonies, the perfect reciprocation of that love.  Capture the warmth of family in your home with resplendent peonies for beauty around you all year long.

Caption Here

Damask wallpaper (AP7499) from Ashford Silhouettes collection by York.

Calla Lilies: clean, beautiful lines with elegant grace; its no wonder their name comes from a Greek word for beauty!  Traditionally, along with divinity, this gorgeous flower symbolizes devotion.  Pick a bouquet of these elegant lilies for the Mom who is classically graceful, and moves through life with poise and dignity.  Her home too, should represent gracious living and devotion to both family and good taste.  Pick a stylized lily motif for the wallpaper; a wonderful design to compliment the clean sophistication of white.


Caption Here

Lavish Rose wallpaper (660801) from the Bling collection by York.

Red Rose:  True Love.  Who is your sweetheart?  For Mom’s its often the young son who really captures her heart, and he reciprocates the emotion completely!  Deep crimson roses are the gift of choice to give to the people we have great respect for, and those who have shown great courage; synonymous with Mom.  Rich red is a color that never really goes out of style for the home.  Use it with glints of gold for a renewed classic look, or tuxedo the room with classic black and white with touches or feature walls of red.  Either way, you will fall in love with your room.

Caption Here

Large Rose Vine wallpaper (EL3980) from Arlington collection by York.

Rose gardens, soft with whimsy and tenderly beautiful.  Light pink roses are associated with gentleness and admiration, just like your Mom.  A bouquet of blushing tea roses warms the heart, and adds a quiet prettiness to any room.  Even more beautiful when it surrounds your walls with gentle splendor like a rose trail wallpaper.

Caption Here

Hydrangea wallpaper (JT7656) from Ashford House Blooms collection by York.

Hydrangeas symbolize heartfelt emotions.  An obvious choice for Mom!  The flowers can be used to express gratitude for being understood - another good reason to select them for your Mom as part of her bouquet!  Fresh and clean, while still firmly resting in the classics for design style, these abundant blooms soften the décor in any room with their relaxed and graceful lines.  The perfect accent for the perfect Mom!

Caption Here

Sweet Violets wallpaper (ER8102) from Waverly Cottage by York.  (Sure Strip)

Violets:  delicate in petal, yet deep in color.  Called the “Flower of Modesty” because it hides its flowers in the heart-shaped leaves.  Persians and Greeks used the plants to help induce sleep, to calm anger, and to heal the heart and the head.  An equally apt description for the virtues of a mother.  While far from modest in its intricate design, violet wallpaper motifs in the home add graceful beauty and dainty detail to the coziest of spaces for Mom to take a well deserved rest and relax with a cup of tea.

Caption Here

Tulips wallpaper (AK7541) from Ashford House Blooms collection by York.

Making it through the long cold winter deserves a happy ending and spring flowers, especially tulips, just seem to renew us and prepare us for delightful times in the sunshine.  Tulips seem synonymous with cheerful thoughts and sweet charm, just as Mom is always ready with a cheerful smile and kind word.  How better to express simple joy than to incorporate pretty tulips into your home décor with a lovely wallpaper.

Whether your Mom is a daisy, rose, or tulip personality, there is a wallpaper that defines her home accordingly, so when you think about a bouquet for Mom, give her a lasting one with a floral design from York Wallcoverings.

April Showers Bring May Wall Flowers

Caption Here

Beautiful mudroom featuring Candice Olson’s Enchanted wallpaper (NY4944) from Modern Luxe, with a look as soft and inviting as it’s name.

A little shower of rain, some warm sunny rays; the long anticipated spring is finally here!  So put on your rain boots and take a walk outside and don’t avoid splashing in a few mud puddles.  And when you get home, focus your attention on the Mud Room. That very special place that balances a beautiful welcome with the practical side of good housekeeping; where the rubber boot prepares to hit the road, or come back home!

Caption Here

Coral and green rain boots by Jessicaswift.com.  Coral and green wallpaper, Medallion with Scroll (AP7457) from Ashford House Silhouettes collection by York.  Blue folk wallpaper, Santa Maria (WP2459) from the Waverly Small Prints collection by York.  Folk Art rain boot by Desigual.com.

Bright and cheerful with a dash of folksy whimsy – the perfect combination to say “Welcome to our Home” while providing sufficient design pattern to hide puppy paw prints and the occasional muddy boot that your youngest managed to have hit the wall during a hurried removal.  So serviceable too with York’s washable finish making it easy care and stress free.  You’ve got to love when pretty is functional!

Caption Here

Wildflower floral rain boot by Hunter RHS original Wellington boots.  Floral Vine wallpaper (KH7140) from York’s Kitchen & Bath collection.  Rosier Botanical wallpaper (KH7055) from York’s Kitchen & Bath collection.  Garden flowers rain boots from Pinterest.

For many, April is the month to get back in the garden.  Planning the season’s blooms, blossoms and vegetable bounty is truly a spring tonic.  Fall in love with your mud room by creating an interior garden with beautiful wallpaper that surrounds the space with nature’s bounty.  Select from English garden motifs or botanical studies; York has an abundance of artistically designed floral and garden designs to suit a variety of tastes.

Caption Here

Red Paisley rain boots by Pipduck.  Byzance paisley wallpaper (WH7719) from Waverly Classics for York.  Regent’s Glen plaid wallpaper (ML1230) from Ronald Redding’s Houndstooth collection.  Rossalyn II rain boots by Ralph Lauren.

For some, regal red is the design statement that resonates throughout the year.  Warm, and rich with an underlying hint of classic good taste, it is none-the-less balanced from stuffiness with its bright primary depth that punches up the color in any room.  In the mud room in particular, this color, be it plaid or paisley, emotes comfort from the second you enter in from the cold.

Caption Here

Black and white Puddles damask rain boots by shoes.com.  Luminary Damask wallpaper (ER8173) from Waverly Cottage for York.  Black and white Country Life toile wallpaper (WA7827) from Waverly Classics for York.  Toile rain boots from wellies.com.au.

Neutral with a brush of formal black – always fashionable; its an easy color combination to decorate around.  Choose a bench with a pretty rush seat and spooled legs painted matt black for your mud room, creating an inviting place to stop and remove your rain boots and hang up your hat.  York has a lovely modern interpretation of the classic damask design, if you lean toward transitional in your style, and a pastoral toile if your personal style leans more toward updated rural.

Caption Here

Watercolor rain boots by Tedbaker.com.  Ornamental Bloom watercolor wallpaper (PA110401) from Kitchen, Bath & Beyond collection.   Variegated Stripe wallpaper (SA9120) from Ashford Stripes collection.  Bold stripe rain boots from Chesirehorse.com.

Blue greens – from softest aqua to bold teal; this color is a crowd pleaser that has remained popular for several years running.  Keep it toned soft and soothing with spa- like aqua watercolors, a big trend in wall art (both framed and wallpaper!) and soft furnishings and bedding.  Or punch it up with bold stripes in deeper turquoise for vibrant style that brightens and delights.

Caption Here

Black and white chevron rain boots from shopruche.com.  Black and white chevron wallpaper (AB2150) from Ashford’s Black & White collection.  Toss the Bouquet wallpaper (RB4260) from Risky Business II by York.  Black and silver floral rain boots from usahunterboot.com.

Black and white – the modern vision.  Edgy chevrons and sparkling glitter make a spectacular statement in your entryway or mud room.  This color combination pairs so well with classic black and white floor tiles, keeping the area essentially clean, bright and eye catching; a lovely space to come in out of the rain!

Cation Here

Coral scroll rain boots from Amazon.  Coral paisley scroll (RB4232)  from Risky Business II by York.  Watercolor poppies wallpaper (WT4504) from Watercolors by Carey Lind.  Coral floral rain boots, Kamik Poppies from Zappos.

Blissful coral:  intense color with a livable soft side.  There’s little wonder that this color has remained on the fashion forefront for several years running.  Great depth, neither pink nor red, that instantly livens up a room with lighthearted appeal.  Entryways and mud rooms are an ideal location in the home for a powerful wallpaper statement rooted in this color grouping. The stage is set for your style as soon as you walk through the door; engaging, eye stopping, and completely showy – ideal for a room that brings you through one space and into the next.

Caption Here

Mudroom, take 2!  Another beautiful Candice Olson pattern, Modern Petals (ND7032), brings a fresh contemporary design style to the room.

The wonderful thing about decorating today is that there is a variety of styles all trending at once, its just a matter of choosing your wall wardrobe to represent your personal style!  Go to www.yorkwall.com to see all the possibilities!