Have Your Cake… And Live With It Too

Decidedly decadent, wonderfully creative and always welcome; a description that perfectly describes a fancy cake or a beautiful wallcovering.  Both unleash artistic inspiration with adornment so lovely, how can you resist?  And why should you resist when you can have your cake and eat it too – or as is the case with wallcovering - live with it too!


Heart layer cake www.weddingchicks.com. Watercolor poppies wallpaper (WT4504) from Carey Lind Designs Watercolors by York.  Dishes from Macy’s. Deep blush ombre wallpaper (WT4510) from Carey Lind Designs Watercolors by York.

Like a scrumptious layer cake, its the icing that makes the cake.  Carefully crafted to characterize the honored individual, a specialty cake personifies the style and taste of the receiver.  So true too, is the wallpaper selected for your home.  York has thousands of patterns, styled in every conceivable design and color, allowing you to complete your room’s décor in a wallpaper design that personifies your personal taste.  Perhaps the soft informal watercolor ombre style in shades of warmest blushing pink is your idea of gorgeous décor and just the thing to compliment your home fashion statement.  Watercolors combine strength of color and softness in technique; so on trend now in all things that are artfully decorated.

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Plaisley wallpaper (RB4238) from Risky Business by York.  Plates from www.everythingturquoise.com.  Dotty Stripe wallpaper (BS5442) from Room to Grow by York.  Open Trellis wallpaper (WB5507) from Botanical Fantasy by York.

Turquoise, teal, peacock blue and all shades between blue and green continue to top the vogue charts.  So rich, yet fun and lively; its no wonder this color family stays in favor with artists of all kinds!  With its connections to sea and sky, sprinkled with confectioners sugar white, it marries depth of color with a clean finish that is bright and inviting.  The artist designing this ruffle cake has captured the essence of teal, so too will your home reflect this color with panache whether you select a lacey paisley, beaded stripe or garden trellis.

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Lavender cake from blog.hwtm.com.  Hydrangea wallpaper border (KH7062BD) from Kitchen and Bath by York.  Dishes by Lenox.  Open Trellis wallpaper (WB5508) from Botanical Fantasy by York.

Lovely lavender.  Delicate and pretty.  Connecting us to aromatic gardens of hydrangeas, lilacs and lavender.  Adorning a cake with this soft tone invites a special occasion with fancy tea and embroidered napkins.  Similarly in the home, lavender is the feminine choice for elegant yet soothing spa living.  As a sprig of fresh lavender on your pillow assists with calming the mind for sweet dreams, so does a pretty lavender wallpaper assist in transforming your home into a haven.  Select from a soft trellis, contemporary beaded stripe or artistic hydrangea border then relax on a velvet chair with your feet up on a button tufted ottoman and enjoy a slice of decadent elderberry cake.

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Nouveau gold wallpaper (ET2002) from Enchantment by York.  Golden cake from http://ruffledblog.com.  Bouquet Damask wallpaper (AR7703) from Charleston II by York.  Dishes from http://luxecrush.com.  The Plaza wallpaper (EK4143) from Ronald Redding Designs 18 Karat II collection for York.

Living the gilded life.  The soft sheen and gleam of gold has long been appreciated as the height of sumptuous living, embraced by kings and queens alike.  We need look no further than Versailles with its scrolling gold filigree décor or Marie Antoinette’s famous quote “Let them eat cake” to understand the luxury that embodies this precious metal in everything from home décor to the most distinguished of elegant cakes.  York’s gilded wallpapers range from pearled and beaded historic designs to formal rose bouquets atop a shimmering golden background or art nouveau inspired golden Mylar.


Tiered cake with scrolls and strawberries from http://myrecipemagic.com.  Modern trellis wallpaper (YS9100) from Peek a Boo by York.  Dishes by Macy’s.  Divine scroll wallpaper (WH2637) from WallpapHer by York.  Tree Silhouette wallpaper (YV9012) from Ashford Black & White collection.

Black Tie:  a classic renewed.  Artisan bakers inspired to statement making cakes understand the value of timeless black and white. Chic without being too edgy, elegant without being overly formal, and always tasteful, quite literally!  Decorating your walls in Black Tie creates a décor rich with the same beauty points of chic, elegant and tasteful.  Add a splash of strawberry red for a daring accent.  The Ashford House Black & White collection is full of beautiful designs that will tastefully complete your décor style; always with good taste, always pleasing to the palate!

Surrounded by Luxury: Mink, York’s Color of the Year 2015

The design industry awaits, with great anticipation, the launch of the important trend colors that will influence our fashion statements for the new year. With home décor now paralleling runway fashion so closely, incorporating these colors into your wardrobe as well as your home attests to your fashion savvy. In York’s design center we remain attuned to the large space commitment that wallpaper represents in the home, and as such, we have targeted luxurious trend color Mink as the stellar supporting actress to the flash and dazzle of this year’s seasonal bright stars.

Model in Marsala from Vogue.  Marsala branch wallpaper over Mink background - Vertical Blossoms (BR6229).  Leaf design chair from Pinterest.  Fabric Damask

Model in Marsala from Vogue. Marsala branch wallpaper over Mink background – Vertical Blossoms (BR6229). Leaf design chair from Pinterest. Fabric Damask Marsala wallpaper (FD8429) from York. Allie Sculptured Surfaces wallpaper (SS2254) by Ronald Redding Designs. Chevron toss pillow from Joss and Main.com. Patterned pant model from nymag.com. Vintage brick wallpaper (RB4305) from York.

Pantone is one of the great color authorities, influencing markets at practically every level.  Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2015 is Marsala.  Full bodied, intensely rich and multi faceted, it ranges from amber to garnet and is described as hearty and unifying.  In home décor it lends itself to more liberal use than past Color of the Year options and when married to York’s Mink palette, becomes a sophisticated accent befitting its luxurious backdrop.


Dining Table image from Pinterest.  Mink Damask wallpaper by York.  Decorative Pillow from etsy.com. Bookcase wallpaper by Ronald Redding Designs.  Room with bureau from niagaranoviceblogspot.  Scroll wallpaper by York.  Camelback sofa image from the decorologist.com.  Grand Medallion wallpaper (EK4209) from Ronald Redding Designs.

Soft gold and warm white continue to build influence in the home décor market.  Pearls and opalescence guarantee an air of refinement that surpasses bolder bling.  Married to Mink’s chameleon nature these mineral hues create stunning new neutrals pleasing to the most discerning of tastes.  Select a warmer version of Mink to pair with golden tones, and a cooler version to accompany whites, or incorporate all three for truly stunning decor. The contrast of matt and shimmer is always a winning combination, as evident in many of York’s artistically crafted wallpaper designs.

Coral Reef painted roomset from Sherwin Williams.  Delicate Floral Branch wallpaper (WB5445) from York.  Coral gathered skirt from Pinterest.  Solid bedspread ensemble from decoholic.com.  Franco geometric wallpaper from York. Mink colored skirt from Carolina Herrera.  Leaf bedspread from Bed, Bath & beyond.

Coral Reef painted roomset from Sherwin Williams. Delicate Floral Branch wallpaper (WB5445) from York. Coral gathered skirt from Pinterest. Solid bedspread ensemble from decoholic.com. Franco geometric wallpaper from York. Mink colored skirt from Carolina Herrera. Leaf bedspread from Bed, Bath & beyond.

Sherwin Williams Color of the Year for 2015 is a warmly rich and organic hue:  Coral Reef.  “Upbeat and optimistic, Coral Reef celebrates a time for renewal and is the perfect mélange of pink, orange and red that can be used to liven up any space.”  A wonderful accent to many neutrals, Coral Reef is enriched by pairing with York’s Mink.  Achieve a soft glow with an organic wallpaper accent that highlights warm Coral and shadows with Mink on a pristine field, or try a bold splash of Coral balanced with a backdrop of sueded Mink, even an edgy geometric design that divides the balance of power equally between the two shades is stylishly eye catching!

Garden Oval chair from etsy.com.  Teahouse Floral wallpaper (EB2072) from York.  Starburst mirror room set from LushHome.com.  Soft Blossoms wallpaper (WT4532) from York.  Geometric wallpaper (ST6079) from York.  Lovebirds wallpaper (WT4557) from Carey Lind Designs.  Runway model from Victor Dzenk Verao.

Garden Oval chair from etsy.com. Teahouse Floral wallpaper (EB2072) from York. Starburst mirror room set from LushHome.com. Soft Blossoms wallpaper (WT4532) from York. Geometric wallpaper (ST6079) from York. Lovebirds wallpaper (WT4557) from Carey Lind Designs. Runway model from Victor Dzenk Verao.

Everyone loves the teal family.  Over the last few years we’ve been engaged by true turquoise, teal, sea glass and now Peacock.  Rich and almost jewel-like, Peacock has depth of character that insists upon an equally grand and rich compliment, making it the perfect accent to York’s Mink tone. This well received pairing provides many design style options from organic wildflower motifs to renewed classics to cutting edge geometrics multi layered with intricate lattice and ogee designs.


Green fashion grouping from prettydesigns.com.  Chandelier from thebeaufortbonnetcompany.com.  Camden Passage wallcovering (RRD0759N) by Ronald Redding Designs Uptown collection.  Green and Mink evening gown from Pinterest.  Runway image from style.com.  Green Wonderland wallpaper (WS8060) from Walt Disney Signature by York.

Benjamin Moore’s Guildford Green (HC-116) is their 2015 Color of the Year. “A neutral color that is a natural. A silvery green that works a wide range of color combinations – from neutrals to daring shades.”  As a green with subtle silver highlights it has a sheen that marries well with the luxury of Mink.  Soothing and sophisticated, this pairing is the epitome of graceful good taste. Like York’s color of the year, Guilford Green also has a chameleon quality; this picks up and absorbs the earthier tones of Mink, shifting the green into a more yellow base that is delightfully deep.

Whatever your design style or accent color preference, take a closer look at the various shades of Mink that York offers; wrap your walls with a wardrobe of soothing luxury and be prepared to be impressed!

Home is Where the Hearth Is

Warm and inviting – next to the quintessential Christmas tree, the fireplace mantel is a favorite focal point for holiday decorating, inspiring a plethora of design styles made especially sumptuous for this very special time of year.

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Fireplace mantel design by blog.hookerfurniture.com.    Christmas crackers from Pinterest.  Charleston Damask wallpaper (HS7956) from Ronald Redding Designs 18 Karat II collection.  Decorative holiday spray from etsy.com.

Classic Amber Glow.  The richly ornate blending of copper and bronze melded with the deep tones of amber exude luxurious warmth that pays respect to the classics while establishing a design style that is distinctly today.  Blend together touches of nature such as oak leaves, wheat sheaves and dried flowers, softly gilded with touches of bronze and add the distinct sparkle of ornate glass and filigree holiday decorations to perfect your mantel décor.   Surround your fireplace wall with luxury wallcoverings that set the stage for holiday décor; and remain a fashion statement that lasts all year long.

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Christmas crackers from christinebauer.com.  Fireplace mantel design from blog.zetwet.com.  Manuscript wallpaper (RX6698) from Ronald Redding Designs Sculptured Surfaces III collection.  Candles from blogspot.luluto.com.  The Birches wallpaper (LL4759) from Ronald Redding Designs Urban Retreat collection.

Luxury Lodge – Your Urban Retreat.  Winter white, classic black, and touches of evergreen.  Sometimes the simple things in life are the most creatively beautiful!  Escape the urban crush of the holidays and find joy in surrounding yourself with décor that is inspired by organic elements from the purity of birch bark to the richness of balsam.  Twinkle with little white lights and streamlined wrought iron lanterns and subtle touches of frosty weather such as an iced pinecone.  Your holiday mantel will look completely at home against a backdrop of stately birch trees wallpaper that will continue your theme long after the holidays are gone.

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Nutcracker from Pier 1.  Fireplace mantel design by styleestate.com. Christmas crackers from etsy.com.  Granville wallpaper (DD8354 red, DD8350 gold) from Ronald Redding Designs Designer Damask collection.

Regal Red and Gold.  Traditionalists at heart have long loved the bright gleam of gold and the rich hues of red against the backdrop of emerald evergreens.  Its a winning combination that never gets old.  This style speaks to red velvet, shiny gold, ribbons, candles and Nutcrackers, with tasteful typography updates shimmered in gold like “Joy” and “Peace” to make them timely.  In keeping with classic good taste, wrap your walls in an archival inspired wallpaper, beautifully rendered for today’s taste, for a décor statement with a lasting impression.

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Karma wallpaper (CZ2489 white/silver, CZ2488 gold) from York’s Candice Olson Modern Nature collection.  Fireplace mantel design by Ballards.  Wreath from Pinterest.  Christmas crackers by taradennis.com.

Bling – the favorite new color!  Beads, pearlescent, shimmer, metallic, glazing, glitter and shine; this group of luminous choices is great individually and outstanding when combined. Layered with a creative artist’s eye it becomes so subtly sophisticated you’ll soon be wearing it on both yourself and your home.  It allows for décor that is just a bit edgy so select your stockings and mantel décor with a bit of whimsy that brings out your personal style, reassured that by its very nature, bling will establish it as breath taking.  Your wall wardrobe for this look should include a little bling as well and York has hundreds of patterns to select from including glass beads, pearls, crystals and glitter.

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Fireplace mantel from blog.centsationalgirl.com.  Decorative mason jars from MomtasticLife.com.  Christmas crackers from blog.angieasplund.com.  Optic wallpaper (WH2682) and Diamond Oasis wallpaper (WH2668) from York’s WallpapHer collection.   Caning wallpaper (EB2011) from York’s Carey Lind Vibe collection.

Trend:  Teal and Chartreuse.  Turquoise/Teal has a new BFF – Chartreuse!  Inviting and oh so livable, turquoise when married to sophisticated chartreuse is elevated to a whole new level that is totally Diva worthy.  Start with basic white for the mantel and add a stylized antler mount above it and frame with touches of glistening silver for a glimmer effect.  Get creative with a mason jar and fill it with shiny decorations in your new color duo, or try turning them upside down with a miniature tree accent inside.  Always remember, your guaranteed resource for transforming your room is to surround your walls with wallpaper and with so many beautiful choices in teal and chartreuse by York, the most difficult thing will be making up your mind!