Start with The Walls!

Spring 2016 brings us landscapes from the urban center, a mix of matte and metals, and casual colors for the athleisure lifestyle. This season classic- meets-casual color for an upbeat approach to repurposed and redefined stylings just right for upmarket.  The key is a balance of opposites in a fast paced world.

Patterns from left to right: Fashion image found on Pinterest, pattern “Cathedral”, “3” Stripe” and “Galt Embroidery”.

Clean: Stripes organize the eye and sooth the cacophony of noise which surrounds us in the modern age.  Now delivery is bold and dynamic as stripes come to the forefront in unconventional colors and at unexpected angles. It appears that stripes have changed their stripes!

Patterns from left to right: Party favors image found on Pinterest, pattern “3″ Wide Stripe”, “Aquarella” and “Criss Cross”.

Color: from the artist’s palette in a mixed media format incorporating glimmering metallic, with an eye on warm gold. This spring color is a veritable candy store delight composed of vibrant hues in re-imagined classics, anchored by all things blue.

York Wallcoverings innovative Custom Naturals program will release in of May 2016.

Custom: Uncompromising in personal character, and readily accessible through innovative technologies, custom is coming home to the consumer. D.I.Y. drivers have created a culture demanding personal style; so determine your own color, choose your own texture and create art for your wall.

Patterns from left to right: Jewelry image found on Pinterest, pattern “Palace Gates”, “Marble” and “Boho Chic”.

Cultural: The mythologies of our space are defined by the values we carry; inspirational cues taken from our deep rooted heritage juxtaposed with contemporary lifestyle. Trends from urban organic to athletic tribal create a blending of contradiction which forms exciting new energy from a new generation.

Wallcovering is the largest canvas on which a designer will paint the story of any home. Here is where it all begins, a portrait of the people who live there and their vision for identity. Perception becomes reality, and it all starts with the walls!

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The Fabulous Five

The Architectural Digest Design Show at the Pier in NYC, March 17-20, was bigger and better than ever before with an amazing array of talented artists and designers present in abundance. Here are five favorites to desire and inspire!


“Hide” and Seek: “Avo” creates custom design on leather for a natural textural look combined with contemporary geometrics.

Christina Lei Rodriguez

The Golden Child: Fine artist Christina Lei Rodriguez creates beautiful photographic installations translated to fabric, art and more….for “EDGE collections”.


The Life Aquatic:  This Atlantis-inspired “DIFFA Dining by Design” vignette from participant “Arteriors” featuring York Wallcovering’s pattern “Kaleidoscope” is just beautiful!


Moonstruck: Fabric with the look of organic forms seen in an x-ray; from “Moonish”. 


A Space Odyssey: “Jan-Kath” rugs from the “Space Crafted” collection are dynamic enough for wall art.

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50 Shades of Green

The seasons are changing and the green of spring is on everyone’s mind. From bright summer’s shades to misty moors and even ever-present blue tinged springtime mint, whatever your choice, green’s organic beauty is a real force-of-nature for 2016.

Top pattern: Lovely Lattice WP2498; Bottom pattern: Jardin MS6448. All other images found on Pinterest.

Spring Green: Symbol of new beginnings, balance and rebirth, shades of spring green can both relax and stimulate the senses. Nothing says organic like green, so why not join the “green party” this spring? Did you know; green is the most common color in the natural world?

Top pattern: Banana Leaf AT7068; Bottom pattern: Malachite RK4503. All other images found on Pinterest.

Emerald: The emerald isle and the gem itself are iconic to a hue as saturated and intense as to conjure images of “green-eyed-monsters”. This former color of the year can dominate a space or partner well with similar colors of equal depth. Did you know; in certain cultures green is a sacred color and symbolizes eternal life?

Top pattern: Scallop EB2068; Bottom pattern: Open Trellis AP7493. All other images found on Pinterest.

Jade: So closely associated with China that it is synonymous with Asian culture, beautiful gemstone jade comes in a glowing range of shadings.  Jade is associated with wisdom, balance, peace, and this year; hot new trends. Did you know; the Chinese consider jade to be crystallized moonlight?

Top pattern: Franco YS9319; Bottom pattern: Aquarella ST6027. All other images found on Pinterest.

Mint: A green thumb will grow garden-fresh mint, but the new mint movement takes this spring standard pastel to its retro roots for an edgy new look worthy of a second glance. Did you know: menthol is the main ingredient which gives this common herb its flavor and aroma?

We’re giving this organic primary color the “green light” for spring, and we beg to differ; it’s easy being green!

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