Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Look who is borrowing York’s wallpaper patterns to enhance this spring’s bridal fashions?  None other than Vogue Sposa magazine, and just look at how lovely the glistening gown is against a backdrop of stylized Chinoiserie and sketchbook butterflies.  And the blues…  soft, glistening, floating and romantic.  Blue is one of those special colors that works equally well on any bride or in any room of your home.

cation to go here.  Wallpaper pattern is AP7419.
Vogue Sposa March 2013.  Wallpaper pattern is AP7419.

This silk gown, rich with slubs and a sheen that only silk provides, floats off the bride from a cinched and gathered waist accenting her lovely features.  In keeping with the ancient silk theme is York’s Chinoiserie design (AP7419) from Ashford Silhouettes collection; its rich heritage interpreted from our archive into a modern masterpiece with rich color and the handpainted look of surface printing.

Wallpaper pattern is AP7428.  Bride caption to go here.
Wallpaper pattern is AP7428.  Oscar de la Renta bridal gown 2014 collection.

Soft as gossamer and the gentle flutter of butterfly wings, this Oscar de la Renta gown literally floats down the aisle; so blissful and serene.  To capture the tranquility and beauty of the butterfly garden in your home, surround your walls with Ashford Silhouettes Scenic Vine pattern (AP7428), resplendent with hydrangeas, wisteria, dianthus, dragonflies and butterflies.

Bridal caption to go here. Wallpaper pattern is DE8836.     Bridal caption to go here.  Wallpaper pattern is DE8835.
Oscar de la Renta Bridal Collection 2013. Wallpaper pattern is DE8835.

Lace, this year’s fantasy whether bridal or master bedroom, has an intricate beauty all its own.  Textural, dimensional, dainty yet sophisticated, there’s no denying its elaborate beauty.  Oscar de la Renta pairs a slender lace dress with layers of filmy blue chiffon in an overskirt, while York pairs a soft filmy blue floral motif with the texture of sculptured ink from Candice Olson, Shadow Flowers; the perfect marriage of heritage and contemporary design.

Wallpaper pattern is SX7701.  Bride caption to go here.
Wallpaper pattern is SX7701.  Stella de Libero bridal gown.

Brides are often referred to as ethereal, so great is their beauty in a bridal gown.  Epitomizing the delicate otherworldly beauty of an ethereal bride, this Stella de Libero gown is truly breathtaking; soft, filmy layers of toile are fashioned into cascading roses gently trailing down the full skirt of the gown.  For a romantic look in your home, surround your walls with Ron Redding’s Grace design (SX7701) from the Monogram 4th Edition collection.  Softly pearled inks set the stage for a romantic flocked medallion that whispers romance to those who dwell there.

York has the most beautiful collection of blue wall décor that will inspire you to decorate your home with this color known for its calm influence and serene aura.  Go to and select “blues” in the detailed search area under “products”.

Top: Left AP7476, Right DE8855.  Bottom: Left AP7498, Right SE1869.
Top: Left AP7476, Right DE8855. Bottom: Left AP7498, Right SE1869.


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Outside In

Garden gate image from Pinterest.  Mint green and soft pink floral wallpaper from Ashford’s Blooms collection by York, pattern AK7501.  All three garden dining images from Pinterest. Dinnerware wallpaper pattern from American Classics collection by York, pattern AM8734.

This Mother’s Day make the day special by dining out.  By that we mean dining outside!  It’s the perfect time of year with warm sunny days that are not too hot; the garden lush with newly blooming flowers and everything pretty as a picture.  Pull your table to the closest rose bush, drape a floral fantasy tablecloth over it and set it with the good china – its Mother’s Day after all!  Have some Plantation Mint tea and strawberry shortcake for a little decadence.  And at the end of the day, when it’s time to leave the beauty of the garden and head back inside, consider capturing the glory of the day inside your home.   York’s Garden Flowers Trail pattern from the Ashford Blooms collection surrounds your dining room with all the perennial favorites including Martha’s Vineyard roses and Clematis, queen of flowering vines.  And don’t forget your kitchen dining nook; why not try the Dinnerware pattern from York’s American Classics collection.  


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Garden dining table and trellis garden gate images from Pinterest.  Tablewear wallpaper design from Bistro 750 collection by York, KB8577, as is the Trellis design, KB8651.

Or perhaps your Mom prefers a little less fuss and the charm of the garden comes through the clean lines of a simple weathered dining table and the lattice of the garden gate.  A fresh baguette and baked brie accompanied by a nice chardonnay and followed with sweet honeydew melon satisfies the palette.  Bringing the outside in is easy with York’s Bistro 750 collection, whether you choose the whimsical Tablewear pattern with its clean graphic outlines, or the simple lines of a garden Trellis for your wall backdrop.


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Blue background hydrangea and rose wallpaper design from French Dressing by York, pattern KC1845.  Dinnerware wallpaper design from American Classics collection by York, pattern AM8732.  Garden dining image and hydrangea garden images from Pinterest.

If you are fortunate enough to live along the coast your garden dining out experience most definitely includes a soft ocean breeze, shady tree and abundant hydrangeas.  Is there anything more glorious than their special periwinkle hue? A soft washed linen floral tablecloth in ivory and blue sets the stage while a painted ironwork set of chairs completes the charming setting.  Dine on fresh flounder and key lime pie artfully arranged on lacey edged blue willow china. Your home will flow from your garden directly to your foyer with York’s French Dressing collection Antique Floral pattern.  For more old world charm decorate your dining room with American Classics Dinnerware pattern that artistically incorporates the classic beauty of various Limoges and Blue Willow china designs.

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Spring into Fresh Design with York Silhouettes

Intensely soft colors, clean two color palettes, and gently contemporary styling make Ashford’s Silhouettes collection a breath of fresh air this spring.  Garden favorites from wisteria to hydrangeas are the perfect home décor compliment for the romantic soul; beautifully on trend.

Floral chair from Zsa Zsa Bellagio blog, Scenic Vines wallpaper from Ashford Silhouettes AP7427, Andrea Dress from Erdem, Floral necklace from Chanel.

Lacey geometrics bring a whole new definition to modern styling when they are paired with rich, juicy colors; equally at home on slender hips or hip walls.

Sydney Jacquard Jeans by Erdem, Lacey Circle Geo wallpaper Ashford Silhouettes by York, yellow tangerine AP7434, pink coral AP7438

Pretty pairings of glossy ivory and spa teal remain an important color trend in both runway and home décor fashion.  Just the right depth of color for drama, yet soothing to the senses; layered on walls and upholstery with complimentary patterns for extra interest.  So perfect for any room you want to sit pretty in!

Darcy Chairs in pretty upholstery from Harvey’s Furniture UK, handbag Polished by Claire V, Shoes from Pinterest, Tulip Damask wallpaper from Ashford Silhouettes by York, AP7498.

This spring, go fresh and lovely with Ashford House Silhouettes.  Check out the entire Silhouettes collection at

Row 1 (Left to Right): AP7403, AP7417, AP7483
Row 2 (Left to Right): AP7435, AP7458, AP7429
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