The Fabulous Five

The Architectural Digest Design Show at the Pier in NYC, March 17-20, was bigger and better than ever before with an amazing array of talented artists and designers present in abundance. Here are five favorites to desire and inspire!


“Hide” and Seek: “Avo” creates custom design on leather for a natural textural look combined with contemporary geometrics.

Christina Lei Rodriguez

The Golden Child: Fine artist Christina Lei Rodriguez creates beautiful photographic installations translated to fabric, art and more….for “EDGE collections”.


The Life Aquatic:  This Atlantis-inspired “DIFFA Dining by Design” vignette from participant “Arteriors” featuring York Wallcovering’s pattern “Kaleidoscope” is just beautiful!


Moonstruck: Fabric with the look of organic forms seen in an x-ray; from “Moonish”. 


A Space Odyssey: “Jan-Kath” rugs from the “Space Crafted” collection are dynamic enough for wall art.

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Holiday Decor Trends

Home trends influence the season in the most beautiful of ways for 2016.

Bottom wallpaper pattern: ‘Jeweled Monarch’ – All other images found on Pinterest.

Visions of Sugar Plums: While holiday decorating with frosty retro pastels is a modern classic, add their neon cousins and trending compliments to the mix for the panache of the divinely sophisticated, taking Christmas past into Christmas future.

Bottom wallpaper pattern: ‘Regent’s Glen’ – All other images found on Pinterest.

Hipster Holiday: Edgy and whimsical, today’s bright new generation invents their own version of all things seasonal by using classics in stronger, individual ways; so mistletoe the dog, have your Christmas tree in a cup, or wrinkle the wrap. Have fun with it, people, no rules for the yule!

Bottom wallpaper pattern: ‘Velocity’ – All other images found on Pinterest.

Golden Season’s Greetings: Gold has become an international sensation and is stepping out to claim the status of the only metallic to use in 2016. Do not fear gold with colour, use blue, blush or even the “new neutral” grey. Remember, Gold is the new silver and grey is the new beige!

Bottom wallpaper pattern: ‘Irongate Trellis’ – All other images found on Pinterest.

Natural Noel: Creative new ways to use organic materials have filtered into holiday décor and this year the look is cleaner and simpler than ever. Don’t overdo, just let winter tell its enchanting story. Saving the world, one organic decoration at a time…..



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Pop-Up Shop Coming to York

When approached to create a pop-up shop for the former Woolworth’s store in downtown York, PA, my fellow graphic designer Jeremy and I couldn’t resist.

Upon accepting the design challenge, we started sketching and developed a framework for our display, which we began calling, “creative spaces.”  Each of our three windows would portray the space of a creative person… that of a writer, a fashion designer, and a musician.

We wanted all of the spaces to feel personal, and lived-in, so we designed each in a different color pallet. The writer’s window would be a mod office, set in warm tones of red, yellow and orange, with splashes of teal and aqua. The fashion designer’s space would encompass two rooms; first the bedroom will emerge as an urban inspired paradise with neutrals and metallic accents. The designer’s adjoining closet will be full of animal prints and naturally inspired elements. Lastly, the musician’s living room will be draped in cool blues, greens and purples with accents of gold and natural materials.

We reused and repurposed a lot of materials for the window displays including this retro bike which we painted purple. The original Woolworth's sign still hangs above the main entrance. Jeremy getting ready to spray paint.
We reused and repurposed a lot of materials for the window displays including this retro bike which we painted purple. The original Woolworth’s sign still hangs above the main entrance. Jeremy getting ready to spray paint.

With a tribe of helpers, we were able to load, unload, assemble and place 75% of the window displays in just one day!  Our pop up shop window exhibit will be revealed today, Friday, November 6th, 2015, as part of downtown York’s First Friday.  We are excited for everyone to see the vigettes once we rip the brown craft paper from the windows revealing these creative spaces… stay tuned to see pictures of our display once it’s complete in just a few hours!

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