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Culture Club has the ability to bring our global family into your space, therefore bringing us all closer together. Our homes are a reflection of who we are and with this fusion of diverse artistic minds, the patterns within are bound to reveal your true personality.

A menagerie of lunar themes and florals to geometrics and “Rohrschach-esque” patterns, the Culture Club Wallpaper Collection is designed and inspired by people just like you; individuals who are brave, suave, smart, dynamic, outgoing, unique, artistic and vibrant…the list goes on.

With this collection, everyone is in the club. Make a style statement. Be you.


Always Evolving

Whether it’s our environment, our culture or trends; our world is always embracing growth and change. With a metallic “Lunar” pattern, it’s easy to see how walls can help a space evolve and represent who you are as an individual.


Pattern: Lunar


Urban Culture

Industrial trends continue to thrive, and the look of an urban environment can easily revolutionize your home. Unique in style, “Mineral Deposit” gives walls textural expression, while simultaneously expressing your personality.


Pattern: Mineral Deposit



Culture Shock

Dimensional, diverse and dynamic. Patterns like “The Right Angle”,  stand out and leave the eye searching for more.

Pattern: The Right Angle



Behind the Scenes: A Deeper Look Into the Collection

At York Wallcoverings, collaboration is a key component to creating a collection. Many wallpaper patterns were developed by our own team of stylists and graphic designers, one of which was made during a creative session aimed at emulating Rohrschach patterns. Scattered along our large art table, a wide array of paints and inks lay ready to be splattered, brushed, smeared and dabbed. The artful and enlightening merging of minds, ultimately lead to the fruition of a pattern we now call “Pandora”.

Pattern: Pandora

View the entire Culture Club collection here

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Met Gala Fashion 2017

The famous annual opening of the fashion exhibit at the Met always brings the latest in trend and color to the red carpet runway. This year’s tribute to Comme des Garçon founder and designer Rei Kawakubo “The Art of the In-Between” was no exception.


Tropical Motifs/ Temperate Color: Emerging color combinations of gold with coral juxtaposed with iconic hot house tropical in this homage to eclecticism at its finest.

Zendaya in Dolce & Gabbana partners with pattern Fanciful


Dimensionality: Be it vintage prints or color blocks, it’ all about the shape.

Rihanna in Comme des Garçon is fashion as art; Pattern Burano is art as wall fashion.


Water Color: Blue surges in waves through both fashion and interiors. Welcome to a water world where misty blues are defined as new neutrals.

Elle Fanning in Miu Miu teams with pattern Sublime in real Mother of Pearl.


Optic Options: Mod influences rising re-emergence brings the mod back to modern and graphic art acquires a well-deserved definition as fine art.

Elizabeth Banks in Michael Kors mirrors pattern Optic.




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York Wallcoverings is pleased to announce their most recent collaboration with modern mix masters DwellStudio.
Smart, playful and au courant, this sophisticated medley of animal, vegetable, and mineral print offerings are much more than wallpaper; they personify the effortless flair of individual style.


Pattern Esher is at play in the field of physics; alive with dimensionality. This is mad science at its stylish finest. Balanced by subtle monochromatic tonality, it creates the look of a texture; or is it a geometric pattern? What do you see, besides beauty?



Sophisticated and sublimely unique, Otomi-inspired folk pattern Oaxaca is reimagined in lofty silhouette. Created in our exclusive Sculpted Surface process, which mimics the look of an artisanal hand painting, it honors tradition by its reinvention for modern spaces.


Medici Marble

The architecture of classical design is inspired by the cool sophistication inherent in marble. Pattern Medici Marble incorporates the elevated status of this iconic sculptural cornerstone and redefines it as contemporary lux in unexpected color combined with matte metallic.



With a train of tail feathers draped across colorfully blooming branches, this bold flock of hens and peacocks acts as an anchor to a saturated ground of marvelously fresh color. Pattern Plume does what great design should; reinvent and reinterpret fearlessly.

DwellStudio design is an unexpected blend of style and personality which represents the modern signature of a life well lived. Find them at retailers across the country.

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