Design Trends 2012

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Junior Stylist Jennifer Sweeney had the opportunity January 11-14 to attend the Heimtextil International Show in Frankfort Germany. Although no stranger to trade shows, this was her first for International design, and being the largest of its kind, with over 10 building housing 2600 exhibitors from 60 countries, in categories ranging from wallpaper, to tabletop, bedding and bath, I asked Jen just how she would summarize what she found most valuable.


“There was one building dedicated to forecasting. This Trend Hall was an exceptional resource for color, design and trend focus. I particularly liked being able to define whereYork fits into the overall scheme of the wallpaper industry and how wallpaper relates to the residential and commercial interior design marketplace. I was personally attracted to the novelties, whether traditional damasks in hot, bright colors or muddy grays and browns for infant/toddler; this kind of outside the box thinking is inspiring.”


“Certain trends cut across all boundaries, and were seen represented in almost all categories, such as peacocks and feathers generally, cityscapes, and natural earth influences.  Celebrity categories are always good, but this year specifically, Marilyn Monroe dominated. Western European stylists have a certain casual elegance that brings a sense of whimsy to even their most formal designs. They tend to not take themselves too seriously, and really enjoy design, which is a reminder to allow our love of style to be a part of everything we touch.”

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Hot Holiday Decorating

Here are a few of the latest trends we see to set this hoilday season apart.

Merry and Bright:

Traditional red and green is so ho-hum-holiday. Long gone is primary green as the perfect fit for enchanting style; enter lime for a power punch of whimsey that fits perfectly with the transitional decor and relaxed lifestyle of the modern home. Lime pairs well with holiday reds and snowy whites, so just remove the holiday specific pieces after Dec. 25th, but keep the lime and white to brighten gloomy January.

Vintage Goes Natural:

Christmas decorating came into it’s own in the U.S. in 1846 when popular royals Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were illustrated standing beneath their decorated Christmas tree, causing a sensation in decorating across England and fashionable American East Coast society. We still love those beautiful, antique images from lush Victoriana for formal Christmas decorating, but with a new twist; anything natural. Holiday glamour stands out against burlaps and linens, bare winter sprigs in a vinatge milk bottle, wood carved ornaments on the tree in sharp contrast to shimmering balls and lights. These are the new Victorians.

How the Gray Stole Christmas:

Gray has become the perfect on trend mainstream neutral, and new dark gunmetal and charcoal palettes enhance the shimmer of traditional metallic holiday ornaments. Replace those “silver bells” with gold and see just how “new” the latest 80’s retro return to metallic gold updates perfectly against a backdrop of darkest gray.

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Summer Splash!

There are so many ways to appreciate a summer day.  I think it’s the bright clear colors in abundance everywhere you look from flower gardens, to patio cushions, to women’s fashion.  For this Canadian transplant, it also means searching for ways to beat the heat.  Certain colors instantly refresh the mind and spirit.  I know I felt that way the minute I opened Stacy Garcia’s Summer Splash color article this July and saw the fabulous blue hue “splash”.  Take a moment and close your eyes; think about the cool yet intense color of a swimming pool, and you’re instantly revived.

Whether you lean toward soft turquoise or aqua/aquamarine, this color that is precisely halfway between green and blue is worthy of notice.  Make a statement in your home that both revitalizes and soothes with this saturated color.  Make it glisten with glass beads, or shimmer with sand; slick it up with a gloss finish, or cool it down with frosty white accents; it’s always restful at its essence.

“Splash of summer” aqua has held a place on my color palette for a lifetime, and is a long time personal favorite.  Being of a curious nature I decided to see just how far back this color has been in use.  Aqua comes from Greek, meaning “blue” which points to the color’s longevity, but we all know it is a very special hue of blue that makes aquamarine distinctive.  My favorite reference is that it comes from the treasure chests of mermaids!  In jewelry the aquamarine stone is one of the most popular since it complements most skin and eye colors – so just think what it will do for your personal image on the walls behind your seating arrangement…  Go ahead, dip your toes in the pool, wear some sparkly aquamarine jewelry, and make a statement on your walls with one of these gorgeous aqua wallpapers and escape every day to that very special room in your home.

Check out these wallpaper examples in clear aquamarine:

Pattern FP2718:  This large stamped circle motif has plenty of drama to its transitional design and layers on the pizzazz from the softest version of aqua through intense turquoise, creating a sophisticated décor that remains essentially light-hearted.



Pattern FP2691:  This fresh pattern has a clear soft matt background behind a slick gloss ogee motif that emulates the flow of water; it’s both dynamic in style and harmonizing in color.



Pattern AC6018:  escape to the Caribbean within your own home with this pretty coral reef design.  Pearly aqua and frosty white find the perfect balance between sophistication and whimsy.

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