The Young and the Restless

The saga of how one edgy young artist discovered the wonderful world of wallpaper.

Amanda Wilson is 23. Armed with intelligence, talent, enviable organizational skills and an Associates Degree in Special Technologies and Multi Media Design she stepped out to meet the world, and found us.

Amanda’s picks: modern clean lines with pops of sunny color, like pattern “Alessa”

“When I started almost a year ago at York Wallcoverings I knew absolutely nothing about wallpaper. I had no idea it was still being used, let alone the mass market appeal, but what really surprised me was the art side to these designs. There’s just so much my generation does not know about this media, but I’m telling all my friends about it.” Seeing beautiful images in roomsets from York’s collections have changed the way she sees wallpaper.

Much like may of her young “Gen-Y” counterparts, Amanda fell into the “mauve trap”. “I thought wallpaper was dated and the kind of thing you matched to your drapes in the 1980’s, but what’s happening here is all about the very best in color and design. I would definitely use wallpaper myself now, particularly for an accent wall or a full bath.”

Something calming with a gentle spa effect in soft green sculptured ink, Fonatine, has a hand applied artisan feel for an Amanda top choice.

As a Pre Press Specialist here at York, Amanda sees a wide range of creative ideas and on trend color palettes that inspire. “I love variety and never do the same thing twice, plus, I get to work with color and design every day. It’s a good company, my contributions are always appreciated and I’m proud to work here.”

Vintage updates and anything with a natural feel like archival choice “Bengali” are also favorites. Designs based in nature are Amanda’s real joy. “It is an unending source of inspiration, and it’s all around us.”
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Guest Blog Post: Discerning Eyes have Their Eyes on York

Guest Blogger: Anne from York’s public relations agency.

Reading a decorating magazine or watching a home design TV show is similar to visiting a museum or art gallery, where a team of curators has edited a vast body of work to present the very best that an artist has to offer.

In the media world editors and producers are the curators of their magazine, newspaper or TV show. If you love Better Homes and Gardens or Renovation Style, you love the taste level, viewpoint and style of the editors.

It’s safe to say that editors, who must curate a fresh, revealing, exceptional experience for their loyal readers-every single issue-,have seen it all. Each day they review scores of new products from the manufacturers, craftspeople, artists and PR firms. They brainstorm with colleagues about what’s hot. They scour trade shows, design markets, retail stores, designer showrooms and show houses for emerging trends and ideas.

Yet, despite all the innovative, beautiful, even one-of-a-kind products they have seen over the years, editors are consistently, duly impressed with York’s wallpapers, and that makes my job fun!

When we present York products, editors listen, take notes and ask questions, in contemplation of how wallpaper suits stories they’re working on. Very often they’re inspired to create entirely new stories based on what they’ve just seen. As ambassadors of their readers’ wishes and dreams, they take their jobs seriously.

As York’s PR firm, we finds that editors are always excited to see what York is up to in its design studio and factory. To witness the “Wow!” as they run a hand over velvet flock, or watch eyes light up as a design embedded with tiny glass beads dances in the light is very gratifying, particularly among this discerning group. Their #1 goal is to inspire their readers, so we make it our goal–on behalf of York Wallcoverings–to inspire them.

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