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Elect to make a statement!  Every room has a focal point and York is playing up your room’s best features with great color and design that quickly and effectively takes a feature wall from ho-hum to totally dynamic!  There are so many great selling points about featuring a wall:  focal walls are installation friendly (no corners or windows), cost effective due to limited coverage area, and huge on design impact!



Once you start looking around
your home you will find lots of
interesting areas to bring to life
with a single wall wallpaper
design. Spice up the bedroom
with a warm nutmeg brick
pattern to create a loft effect –
aged and restful.





Dress up the great room
with a room dividing wall
that instantly changes a
flat wall into aged
Georgian brick – antique
and inviting.





Frame a fireplace.  Take an
ordinary mantel to extraordinary
by adding our brick pattern to
the plain plaster surrounding it –
warm and cozy.




Add a pop of drama with
diagonal lines.  A staircase
is a unique focal point that
is easily accentuated. Use
our brick pattern on the wall
under the stairs and add a
playful accent like a mod
chair next to it to complete
the look – bold and playful.



Our new Wall in a Box™ has everything you need to complete your Feature Wall project – wallpaper, water tray, trimming knife and design ideas.  Just add a couple of hours for the install and your new room is ready to entertain in.

Like to change things up in your home with new styles and colors?  Wall in a Box™ has you covered – or “un”covered – it’s up to you!  New state of the art materials make this wallpaper completely removable in full strips.  Believe it!  We guarantee it!  Visit wallinabox.com for more great patterns and decorating ideas.

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