Personality Plus

Somewhere around 4 months old, babies seem to sprout personality in a big way.  They giggle and smile at you and steal your heart!  Getting their space, the nursery, just right for these budding personalities is a fun adventure with oh so many lively choices to select from for décor.


Madison’s Hot Air Balloon, YS9193

Take Madison for example,
she believes the Avenue
was named after her.
(It’s always about her!)
Madison’s walls have eye
catching hot air balloons
in bold graphic patterns;
she can’t wait to shop for
her first polka dot dress on
her namesake Avenue.




Logan’s Trellis, pattern YS9103

Or Logan, who frankly is
happy to chill in his crib.
A white background is a
cleverly clean palette for
the very bold splash of
sophisticated yellow
lattice that really defines
his ambitions.





Lily’s Damask, YK0180

And lovely Lily, who knew
from the first step that she
was destined to surpass
the corps de ballet and go
directly to prima ballerina.
She can already do a
pirouette and once she
even remained standing!
Her wallpaper personality
is a soft yet sophisticated
damask, just tu-tu pretty.




Jaden’s graphic chain, YS9318

And last but not least,
there’s Jaden (there‘s one
in every crowd!).  Jaden’s
room is “clothing optional”,
its jammies or nothing for
him.  What better style for
this distinct personality
than a hip graphic
interlocking chain pattern;
after all, its the walls that
really make a fashion
statement, not the clothes!



And wouldn’t it be nice if the base of the décor, the wallpaper, was playful yet sophisticated enough to last into the tween years?  York’s Peek a Boo collection has you covered.  It’s the perfect blend of youthful color on surprisingly age appropriate yet sophisticated design that will have you saying “thank you York” when it’s time to change it up with a new bed ensemble and cool kid knick knacks.   Get inspired and enjoy, and may we add, live the youthful life vicariously!  CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO

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