Emerald: 2013 Color for all Seasons

Here at York Wallcoverings there was a lot of anticipation about Pantone’s color of the year for 2013.  In our studio and marketing departments, those in “the know” were leaning heavily toward either deep teal-blue or a shade of green since all things green are of utmost importance.  When Pantone announced Emerald in mid December it struck a cord with us – our studio has been carefully watching greens develop and Emerald does not disappoint.  And it’s being paired with none other than deep teal blue!

Emerald is such a user friendly color:  it slows the production of stress hormones, helps the heart relax, green plants replenish oxygen, and as a jewel it shines deep and bright among the gemstones we adorn ourselves with.

This spring be bold with emerald.  Pair it with strong cobalt or deep teal for a rich, elegant blend of color that is as striking as it is restful.  Candice Olson’s Shadow Flowers is a perfect example of this pretty pairing.  (Shimmering Details collection, DE8836)

Fashion images from Pantone.com, roomset photo from Candice Olson Shimmering Details,  DE8836

Clean and bright sets the stage for summer.  A lively color that enhances our sense of well-being while it freshens and rejuvenates.  Check out York’s Bistro 750 collection for a great variety of fresh greens for the home.

Cupboard photo from Pantone.com, 3 roomset photos from York’s Bistro 750 collection

Enjoy emerald’s rich heritage in the fall and winter season, reaching into its long history as a jewel among colors.  Drawing from York’s deep archival heritage is our beautiful emerald-to-teal design Marco Polo from Ronald Redding’s Archives II collection.

Plaid shirt and velvet sofa images from Pantone.com.  Roomset photo from Ronald Redding’s Archives II collection. Polo fragrance bottle from RalphLauren.com.  Velvet Gone with the Wind gown from Caamarindajones.blogspot.com.      Tiara from internetstones.com.


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