And The Oscar Goes To York®

Watching the Oscars is a sensory delight for the eyes.  Fashion masters cleverly adorn Hollywood’s beautiful elite for a fabulous night of design inspiration.  Design that is quickly translated into home fashion – the gap between the runway and interiors has never been slimmer.

DE8818, Velocity

It’s not your imagination about the decidedly Art Deco theme that permeated the Oscars.  The much anticipated Great Gatsby film releasing May 2013 has already added a new level of glamour from gowns to wallpaper.   Halle Berry’s striking statuesque beauty reaches new heights in her gleaming gown, as will your home with Candice Olson’s Velocity pattern – just the right balance of graphite gray and silver Mylar.   Accent your room with a mirror paneled side table and silk toss cushions in deep gray.

DE8839, Hourglass

Or perhaps you like sophisticated curves and gentle arches?  If the magnificent Chrysler Building in NYC is your favorite architectural masterpiece, and your style is more in line with Naeem Khan’s art deco powerhouse gown draped so elegantly on Stacy Keibler (George Clooney’s significant other) then Candice Olson’s Hourglass design awaits you.  Always elegant, this wallpaper is a show stopper on either a feature wall or surrounding the entire room.

DE8824, Grillwork Mica

If you are all about the bling and you find best actress nominee Naomi Watts’ sparkling gown takes your breath away, you need to jump into jazzing up your home décor with Candice Olson’s Grillwork Mica.  Lots of flash and dazzle for that special accent wall.

DE9003, Dotted Paisley

Sophistication finds its romantic roots with opulent lace that gracefully shimmers and glistens with subtle precious metal accents.  Sandra Bullock wears her softer side for all to see on Oscar night in this beautiful gown that is a wonderful combination; elegant yet whimsical.  Following this theme in your home is easy with Candice Olson’s Dotted Paisley – playfully elegant!

From top EK4143, The Plaza and EK4216, Hampton Court.

If black tie is a bit dark for your taste, make your statement with 18 Karat Gold.  Gold is trending up again with its warmth and classic sophistication.  Gold never looked better than on Catherine Zeta Jones, or on your walls with Ron Redding’s many golden options in his new 18 Karat collection.

CM2402, Arabella
DE8855, Dazzled

Formal doesn’t have to be without color either.  A splash of red shot with shimmering gold can steal the show either on the red carpet or in your home.  Or opt for dreamy in softest aqua; a soothing statement in a sea of glitz.  In the home this color generates a restful haven that is almost spa-like.

RZ3300, Contessa

If setting the trend is important to you in your apparel and home, go directly to the boldly quiet sophistication of sparkly ginger to be at the pinnacle of vogue.  Complimentary to all, but especially irresistible to gorgeous redheads like Jessica Chastain, this color captures the innovative award both at the Oscars and in your home.  Glam, glitz, shimmer and romance; your style is ready to shine whether you wear it or your walls do!

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