18 Karat Pot of Gold

Irish mythology would have us believe that the only way to find your pot of gold is to miraculously find the end of a rainbow.  York has simplified your journey and increased the prize value!  Our pot of gold is 18 Karat all the way.

Golds of all kinds are trending up again in everything from runway fashion to home décor.

Gold glimmer dress from Zsa Zsa Bellagio blog, gold tweed shoes by Tory Burch, Mini Beaded Baguette Bag by Fendi, both gold beaded Plaza wallpaper (EK4143) and Peacock Hampton Court wallpaper (EK4216) by Ronald Redding Designs, 18 Karat II, York.

Retro classics gleam and shimmer with the pizzazz and glow of gold.   Supple fabrics, fabulous sexy heels and beads of all kinds; from Fendi bags to Ron Redding’s ultra chic Plaza pattern, bedazzled with pearl metallic inks and shimmering beads.  For the ultimate marriage of classic and on trend try Ron Redding’s Hampton Court peacock design for the perfect blending of metallic lowlights and statement design.

Lace Gold china by Vera Wang, pearled gold flatware by Bloomingdales, golden pears image from Zsa Zsa Bellagio blog.

 Or circle round to the softer side of gold, we like to call “glint”!  The beautiful fusion of ultra soft pearled gold and a hint of platinum makes a statement that is purely new millennium.  Sophisticated, luxurious and gorgeously relaxed to live with; York’s 18 Karat II:  your designer pot of gold.

Ronald Redding Designs Grand Medallion, EK4206 from 18 Karat II

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