Classic Décor: It’s all there in Black and White

Beautifully balanced.  The perfect pair.  Simple.  Stylish.  Sophisticated.  Elegantly formal.  Casually chic.  Powerful and pure.

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Glass bead wallpaper, The Plaza (EK4145) from Ronald Redding’s 18 Karat II collection. Plate and Tea Service image and gold cinched gown from Zsa Zsa Bellagio blog.  Marni two tone sandals from Pinterest.

Timeless décor made simple:  simply start with black and white.  Elegantly redefined Art Deco with shimmering glass beads is breathtakingly beautiful in any home décor setting.  Showcase this gorgeous design in the entryway for an opening act.  Pair it with a gallery wall of sophisticated china plates and a golden tea service.  Shimmers of rich gold peeking through the interior mix will anchor the décor in the epitome of opulent good taste.  Your home, never far from runway fashion, will look as spectacular as you will in these Marni Two-tone suede sandals and gold cinched evening gown.


Glitter Chandelier wallpaper (AB2171) from Ashford's Black & White collection.  Platform shoe from Pinterest,  Bed and Chandelier image from Pinterest and South Shore Decorating blog.  Captivating gown from Pinterst.
Glitter Chandelier wallpaper (AB2171) from Ashford’s Black & White collection.  Platform shoe from Pinterest,  Bed and Chandelier image from Pinterest and South Shore Decorating blog.  Captivating gown from Pinterst.

Classic décor made on- trend:  simply add a little filigree and glitter.  Never staid, this lovely damask framed wallpaper from Ashford Black & White has an attractive surprise for the center medallion – a chandelier!  Chandeliers are so on-trend and so pretty, especially with the soft sheen of subtle glitter adding its unique effervescent glow.  Frothy lace and graceful scrolls, filigree detail and the purity of black and white, always a winning combination.

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Bold Silk Stripe (SA9159) from Ashford’s Black & White collection.  Stripe platform shoe and shimmering stripe gown from Zsa Zsa Bellagio blog.

The Bold and the Beautiful:  simply apply a classic stripe.  Pinstripes, wide-wale, awning and variegated; we’ve never met a stripe we didn’t like!  Bold statements that provide impact like no other.  Keep them dramatic and clean with this perfect two color combo, or use them as a backdrop for Pantone’s color of the year – Emerald – and change it up with the latest color accent next year.  Just as these bold platform shoes suggest you strut your stuff, so too should your walls “take it to the runway”!

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Mylar Chevron wallpaper  (AB2149) from Ashford’s Black & White collection.  Bling sandals from Pinterest.  Black and white mini dress from Pinterest and Luv to Look blog.  Mylar houndstooth Jackie-Oh! wallpaper (RB4265) from York’s Risky Business collection.

Contemporary made Svelte:  simply add the gleam of Mylar.  Bling reigns supreme.  Don’t settle for boring walls that lack your personal style pizzazz.  Dress them up with dynamic design in the hot new fashion favorites:  chevrons and houndstooth.  And this isn’t your grandpa’s houndstooth suit or your grandma’s old flame stitch rocking chair!  These vital new designs incorporate edgy styling with the gleam of Mylar.  Urbane and classy – walls that you can respect!

For more ideas on decorating with black and white, check out the new Ashford Black & White collection at and prepare to be inspired.

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