Classic Made Fresh

York is tickled pink, and green, and coral, and blue, to bring the Waverly World of classic design back into the limelight of great interior decor!  Waverly Classics is a clever mix of timeless patterns with a fresh new approach and clean current colors.

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Hampton Trellis wallpaper (WA7710) from York’s Waverly Classics.  Ladies toiletteries from Pinterest.  Dinnerware:  Waverly’s Fawn Hill.  Heartbeat chevron wallpaper (WA7786) from York’s Waverly Classics.

Perfectly Pink is sophisticated and elegant, a definite classic with an updated depth that is all grown up.  Add pretty impact to the master bedroom with Waverly’s chic Hampton Trellis design that frames the headboard and makes your luxurious sheets and duvet cover feel right at home.   Carve out a little time and space for repose.  Pink, the most soothing of colors, is a great backdrop for a reading nook where you can relax, put your feet up, and enjoy a good book with a soothing cup of tea.  Waverly’s Heartbeat wallpaper design has a gentle and restful movement to its chevron motif that infuses the space with a gentle calmness.

Framework geometric wallpaper (WA7820),  Fantasy Fleur leaf wallpaper (WA7764) and Forever Yours garden trail (WA7754) from York’s Waverly Classics.

The natural beauty of green.  The color surrounds us speaking to renewal and healthfulness.  It connects us to nature’s bounty and beautifully brings the outdoors in.  For the backdrop of your everyday living choose York’s Waverly quatrefoil pattern Framework and creatively pin the images of your life to a satin ribbon in the foreground.  For a new take on the traditional garden wallpaper, select Forever Yours in spa green and accent with a cut glass mirror and pearled paint hall dresser.

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Lover’s Lane stripe wallpaper (WA7784) from York’s Waverly Classics.  Autumn wreath from Pinterest.  Dinnerware:  Waverly Sorbet.  Hampton Trellis wallpaper (WA7715) from York’s Waverly Classics.

Spice things up a bit!  This warm inviting cinnamon coral shade pleases many color palettes with it’s not quite pink and not quite rust diversity.  Freshen up the foyer beginning with an eye catching door wreath, and stately stripes for once you cross the threshold.  Make a bold clean statement in the kitchen dining nook with this simple mid-scale lattice design; so on trend and so appealing.

Forever Yours garden trail wallpaper (WA7752) from York’s Waverly Classics.  Garden chair from Pinterest.  Country Life Toile wallpaper (WA7833) from York’s Waverly Classics.  Blue and White Trellis rug by Waverly.

Heavenly blues!  One of the strongest color trends in the home décor market right now is that rich twilight blue, often called cobalt; its depth and pizzazz in décor is unparalled.  York’s Waverly Classics collection offers great wallpaper fashion choices in this sumptuous color.  Update your French Country décor with this pretty pistachio and cobalt Country Life toile, so attractive with white woodwork and clean lined furniture. Or go romantic with a beautiful rose trail motif, richly enhanced with just the right depth of blue to be dramatic.

Welcome to home décor “In a Waverly World”.  Trust York Wallcoverings to bring you the rich heritage of Waverly, inspired by classic designs, refined into elegant beauty, in fresh bright colors.  Waverly Classics.

Bring it home today.

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