From A to Zebra

I continue to be amazed at the amount of wallpaper designs our studio produces each year.  And often those designs have an interesting history.

When he purchased a silk tie in the early 1980’s, Ronald Redding, our VP of Design had no way of knowing it would serve as inspiration for one of his own designs thirty years later. As Ron told me:

Back when our management team wore suits to work, I had a large collection of ties. And naturally, I was drawn to the more unique designs. During one of my many trips to historic Williamsburg I purchased a zebra-print tie. The color and artistry really attracted me, but I don’t think I ever wore the tie.

It wasn’t until Ron was gathering designs early this year for his upcoming Natural Instincts collection, and listening to his design team discuss the continued popularity of animal skins in women’s fashion, that he remembered his tie. He brought in the tie… and everyone loved it! So our studio created a design, very much inspired by this bold tie, that worked as a designer wallpaper.

Ron says the zebras are right at home in his newest collection, along with many other naturalistic designs. And it reinforces one particular belief that he holds: that great design is universal. As he says:

I have a lot of sources right here in our studio and archives, but sometimes you find good designs in unexpected places.

We’re all glad that Ron kept this tie stashed away in his closet for so long! But I’m told that if things had been left up to Ron’s wife, Mary, those zebras would have been set free many years ago.

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