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There’s a common misconception in today’s world: that wallpaper is just for walls.

Okay, I know it makes sense. It’s called wallpaper, after all. But when’s the last time you saw a toothpick in someone’s teeth, as opposed to sticking out of your burger with a little flag on top? People are great at finding new and unexpected uses for everyday things, from small to large, and wallpaper is no exception to that rule. Its original purpose was, and always will be, to dress up your walls… but even if you’re not an interior designer, you too can find clever ways to add the timeless elegance and style of wallpaper to a wide variety of areas, products, and surfaces.

Take this room, for example. This photo, taken from the pages of our Three Sisters Studio collection Girl Power 2, prominently features a white, black, and lime green floral stripe pattern behind a bed. But take a look to the left side of the image: in this room, we’ve added wallpaper inside these shelves, adding an unexpected “pop” to the room.

You can accomplish this fun effect not only inside or behind shelves, but within other nooks and crannies — like the inside of bookcases. The amount of wallpaper required to do this is minimal, so it’s low cost with amazing impact. Not looking for permanence? If your shelves have an open back, or have a freestanding back panel that slides out, you could even consider taping or stapling the paper in place (just as long as those little attachments are out of view). When you’re ready for a change, simply remove the pattern and replace it with another. Voila — instant decor!

There are scores of other ways you can use wallpaper without even touching your walls. Stay tuned to York Home over the next few weeks to learn more ways to decorate with wallpaper in unexpected ways… without breaking your budget!

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