York Wallcoverings Color of the Year: Aqua

The soothing tranquilly and organically fluid motion of waters pairs perfectly with the major colors and themes for 2018. Enter aqua; bright, easy and usable companion or stand-alone statement promising beautiful, invigorating balance for the New Year.


Ultra Violet: Eclectic and energetic Ultra Violet takes center stage with cool-as-ice blue delivering a powerful push-back punch in vibrating high pitched tints of Aqua. This balancing act gives the eccentric counter culture personality of strong purple a soothing meditative quality through watery aqua.

Top Right Wallpaper: Spontaneity Bottom Right Wallpaper: The Right Angle, both from the Culture Club Collection 



Oceanside: Aqua blue on Ocean blue resonates from classic porcelains to saturated jewel tones. This ever elegant pairing makes room for more eclectic visions for 2018. Utilized everywhere from Nordic interiors to lively spring fashion palettes for 2018, deep blue begins to keep younger company with aqua’s cheery  uplift of soft, bright color.

Top Featured Wallpaper: Ribbon from the Mid Century Collection  Bottom Left Wallpaper: Perspective from the Carey Lind Cloud Nine Collection



Caliente: Spiced up Caliente gets soothing counterpoint with refreshing aqua acting as an anchoring agent. This year bold and brave refined red is reminded not to take itself too seriously, and aqua has the breezy spirited whimsy to do the trick.

Featured Wallpaper Pattern: Whimsical Wallpaper from the Carey Lind Watercolors Collection


Aqua is a bright, easy and usable companion which promises beautiful, invigorating balance for the New Year. Submerge yourself, or try just a sip, either way it’s worth taking the plunge!

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