A Super Room for a Super Hero

As Creative/Graphics Specialist here at York Wallcoverings some of my favorite and most challenging projects are art directing super imaginative room sets for kids.  Recently working on our Boys will be Boys Vol II collection, I wanted to create a truly unique space for Spiderman.  No lack of inspiration for this mighty hero, but what caught my eye was a cute, funny, energetic young crime fighter whose very essence set me on track for an awesome superhero room!


Action heroes need space for more than sleeping so maximizing square footage is imperative.  Next comes the fun part of my work:  idea “shopping”!   Images tugged at my memory – an incredible bunk bed picture I tore from a magazine last month – but hmm, needs a safe Mom pleasing ladder rather than rope swings!  Yes, that is just right; room for karate or reading (thinking bean bag chair) for our hero on the main floor and a bunk for restful slumber above.

Time to do a sketch and have a discussion with the photo studio about the construction, furniture, artwork and props for the room set. Communicating back and forth with an Initial photo, lots of tweaking, a second photo, more tweaking, and finally a room fit for Spiderman, or at least his protégé.

Reviewing this creative room I decide on the ultimate finishing touch:  a framed personalized superhero logo for the wall.  And the ultimate compliment on my creation?  Feedback from our customer service department that a consumer wants to do their son’s room exactly like the room set I created!

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