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On this page, you’ll learn about the York Wallcoverings employees who contribute to this blog. Read on for more information!

Carol Miller
Marketing Manager
Carol’s grandfather was a wallpaper hanger, and she grew up with a wallpaper brush in one hand and an artist’s brush in the other. A thirteen year career in NYC as a fashion designer was background for the retail sales and management positions in fabric, wallpaper and home interiors that ultimately led to a position in the York Wallcoverings showroom. Her secret love for the written word was discovered through involvement in advertising for the showroom, and so the marketing department became her happy home. Carol’s particular area of expertise is the run on sentence…

Meg Pitner
Creative/Graphics Specialist
Meg, who heads up the Marketing and Graphics department, claims that she was born to do art direction. Self-described as bossy, detail oriented, and singularly oriented from a creative viewpoint, she obsessively collects, tags and tears things out. With over 12 years experience, she continues to be immersed in the diversity of design and color… so much that her only wish is to have her own beach house, country cottage, city loft, and southern mansion to decorate and style.

Rick Marquette
Senior Graphic Designer
Rick, a Senior Graphic Designer for York Wallcoverings, has 21 years graphic design experience and loves to create. From business cards to billboards and all sizes in between, he loves to craft new layouts and think outside the box. An ace at Photoshop,  the graphics presentations his lively mind inspires run the gamut from gorgeous to hilarious. He likes to steal the show from the copywriters!


Recent Posts

YWC Color of the Year 2017: Lunar Gray

All fashion images found on Pinterest; all wallpapers courtesy of

Lunar Gray

Adaptable master of reflected light, like her namesake the moon, Lunar Gray is as natural as stone, architectural as concrete and as adaptable as her nearest companion color. This gray’s strong presence somehow soothes the senses and always keeps her cool with an air of subtle mystery.

As industrial style continues to flourish and organics still dominate both textural and color applications, gray emerges as a companion to both warm and cool palettes, as only this color changeling can.


All fashion images found on Pinterest; all wallpapers courtesy of


Pantone sparks spring with color “greenery” for 2017. This shade is clean, bold and full of the promise of reawakening and reinvention. Reminiscent of fresh grass, it gets a sophisticated urban lift when partnered with lunar gray.


All fashion images found on Pinterest; all wallpapers courtesy of

Poised Taupe

Sherwin Williams touches taupe with a cast of dusty purple in this 2017 mink-meets-violet combination of subtle elegance. Easy to use and easier to love, this runway-worthy shading leaves us wanting more. Pair “poised taupe” with gray and the color lines begin to blur, with beautiful results.


All fashion images found on Pinterest; all wallpapers courtesy of


Benjamin Moore takes a risk with the deepest color of the year for 2017. Breathtaking and formal, it makes a grand entrance, as navy casts gather warmth in velvety reds and rich vineyard hues. Pairing “shadow” with raw natural elements and gray tends to lessen its reserve.


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