Deck the Walls

’twas the week before Christmas, and in one local house
A decorator fretted with no time to carouse.
Though dazzling and elegant, one thing caused despair:
The house’s walls were still stark, white, and bare!

Has this ever happened to you? Just days or even hours before your holiday party or family get-together is set to start, have you looked around your home and realized you were missing a little something? Many of my family members are excellent decorators, but they always seem to neglect the walls in favor of trees, toys, and trinkets. If you’ve suddenly found yourself in this situation, don’t fret! Here are three bright last-minute holiday decorating ideas you can use to spruce up the walls in any room for your upcoming party or gathering, all for less than $100.

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Hot Holiday Decorating

Here are a few of the latest trends we see to set this hoilday season apart.

Merry and Bright:

Traditional red and green is so ho-hum-holiday. Long gone is primary green as the perfect fit for enchanting style; enter lime for a power punch of whimsey that fits perfectly with the transitional decor and relaxed lifestyle of the modern home. Lime pairs well with holiday reds and snowy whites, so just remove the holiday specific pieces after Dec. 25th, but keep the lime and white to brighten gloomy January.

Vintage Goes Natural:

Christmas decorating came into it’s own in the U.S. in 1846 when popular royals Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were illustrated standing beneath their decorated Christmas tree, causing a sensation in decorating across England and fashionable American East Coast society. We still love those beautiful, antique images from lush Victoriana for formal Christmas decorating, but with a new twist; anything natural. Holiday glamour stands out against burlaps and linens, bare winter sprigs in a vinatge milk bottle, wood carved ornaments on the tree in sharp contrast to shimmering balls and lights. These are the new Victorians.

How the Gray Stole Christmas:

Gray has become the perfect on trend mainstream neutral, and new dark gunmetal and charcoal palettes enhance the shimmer of traditional metallic holiday ornaments. Replace those “silver bells” with gold and see just how “new” the latest 80’s retro return to metallic gold updates perfectly against a backdrop of darkest gray.

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5 Star Lodging at Home

With the holidays just around the corner it won’t be long until those dear but not so near to you will come and spend a night or two.  Providing a comfortable and pleasantly decorated guest room is the perfect way to say “Welcome to our home”.  There are practical matters to make sure you’ve covered:  luggage space off the floor, fresh flowers, a toiletries basket, reading materials and fresh bed linens (room service bell optional!).  But these items do not a 5 star experience make!  The atmosphere you’ve created for their private space is what they will remember fondly.

Your “spare” bedroom is probably equipped with your “spare” furniture from a variety of rooms and you are faced with figuring a way to pull it all together….   Painting the furniture in a coordinating palette is an efficient use of existing materials, not to mention the little scratches and flaws it will hide and how easy it is on your budget.  With paint you’ve achieved some uniformity, now its time for a little pizzazz!

Hmmm… This room is a special place that will no doubt house a large variety of personal tastes; how do you please them all?  York offers the perfect solution!  With damasks and scrolls abounding in many collections you can marry traditional with modern and keep the décor soft, rich, and neutral in tone and style.   Visit our website, and prepare to be impressed by the variety of York’s offering! This holiday season, may you be blessed with many happy reviews!

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