Cruising From the Golf

I was hoping to take a golf vacation this summer. Instead I went on a cruise. Up until that point in my life I had successfully managed to avoid cruises. But when my wife chose a European cruise to celebrate a milestone anniversary, I had no choice but to take it like a man – right after I completed a sufficient period of whining and sulking.

Other than my recollections of Love Boat and Titanic, I really didn’t have any first hand knowledge of cruising. But I had some definite pre-conceived ideas about what to expect: Excessive eating. Excessive drinking. Cheesy entertainment. Shuffleboard. Bingo. Speedos. Foreigners. Boy was I wrong! There wasn’t any Bingo!

But despite the gluttony and occasional sightings of men wearing inappropriate swim attire, it turned out to be a terrific vacation. Our ports of call read like a Roman Empire tour – from Rome, through Greece and into Turkey. I learned a lot about ancient civilizations. I saw the influence of Roman & Greek architecture on modern buildings. And I saw how many of our current, classic wall motifs first emerged thousands of years ago, like the acanthus leaf, scroll and Greek key.

As a bonus, I elevated my speech. Just by inserting a few foreign sounding words into a conversation I now sound wiser and more worldly:
Me, at cocktail party: ‘My wife and I just returned from Santorini. It’s one of the Cyclides Islands in the Aegean Sea. Let me show you photos of our cruise on my i-phone”
Impressed Party guest: “I have to go now.”

So instead of boring people at cocktail parties with stories about my golf game, I can talk about foreign cultures and ancient civilizations, the Acropolis in Athens, the Greco Roman theatre in Taormina, or the Greek philosopher Euripides. I am now capable of boring people in a much more sophisticated way.

And for me, the memories still linger. I will never forget the day we visited the ancient Olympiad, standing at one end of the stadium on the very spot that athletes stood thousands of years earlier. I was staring at the other end of the stadium imagining what it must have been like. And as I stood there in the realization of this incredible moment, one thought kept running through my head – “I wonder if I can reach the other end of the stadium with a pitching wedge, or would I need a nine iron?”

I’m still working on this sophistication thing, but Rome wasn’t built in a day either.

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From Concept to Completion: The Roomset, The Book and The Printing Press

“Vegas Dinette” is now “Kitchen Utensils and Ovals”. This colorful, whimsical pattern is perfect for contemporary kitchen decor, so let’s show her off.

Usually Graphics will send actual wallpaper to the photographer, and a vignette is papered in the pattern of choice, but what if there’s a complication? There’s always a complication.

For example, kitchen vignettes are notoriously expensive to build (try mocking up a range hood). Have a walk through your local Ikea and take a look at the kitchens, this is what we need to put together to put wallpaper on the walls. Not only is a kitchen build hard to coordinate, but many of the professionals who do this type of thing are located several states away near High Point, N.C.(home of the biggest and best furniture mart for business to business buying in the US). So, all creative ideas have to go back and forth via internet in images to get the Designer and the Creative Graphics Specialist on the same page creatively with the photographer.

We got lucky. One of the companies we work with had a kitchen already in place, and we like it! Fabulous; even the chairs are fabulous! Oh, wait… the paper isn’t printed yet. Did I mention complications? Ok, shoot the kitchen with the props in colors that we want, and placement we orchestrate in the plain kitchen set from at least three angles. We can now add the digital images of the wallpaper to the actual kitchen roomset photos, adjust color, and move objects (with our minds) within the shot, DPR (digital pattern replacement).

“Kitchen Utensils and Ovals” will walk down the “Bistro 750” roomset runway in a digital dress with real accessories and a well thought out plan of how the collection should “show” in the book. There are “bleeds” (a very all-business phrase meaning the image runs off the page edges) and collages, and they all have to pleasingly flow. The images and roomsets are approved, go to press, and the collection hits the market (in the field, as we say). Now all we have to do is sell it…

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Guest Blog Post: Discerning Eyes have Their Eyes on York

Guest Blogger: Anne from York’s public relations agency.

Reading a decorating magazine or watching a home design TV show is similar to visiting a museum or art gallery, where a team of curators has edited a vast body of work to present the very best that an artist has to offer.

In the media world editors and producers are the curators of their magazine, newspaper or TV show. If you love Better Homes and Gardens or Renovation Style, you love the taste level, viewpoint and style of the editors.

It’s safe to say that editors, who must curate a fresh, revealing, exceptional experience for their loyal readers-every single issue-,have seen it all. Each day they review scores of new products from the manufacturers, craftspeople, artists and PR firms. They brainstorm with colleagues about what’s hot. They scour trade shows, design markets, retail stores, designer showrooms and show houses for emerging trends and ideas.

Yet, despite all the innovative, beautiful, even one-of-a-kind products they have seen over the years, editors are consistently, duly impressed with York’s wallpapers, and that makes my job fun!

When we present York products, editors listen, take notes and ask questions, in contemplation of how wallpaper suits stories they’re working on. Very often they’re inspired to create entirely new stories based on what they’ve just seen. As ambassadors of their readers’ wishes and dreams, they take their jobs seriously.

As York’s PR firm, we finds that editors are always excited to see what York is up to in its design studio and factory. To witness the “Wow!” as they run a hand over velvet flock, or watch eyes light up as a design embedded with tiny glass beads dances in the light is very gratifying, particularly among this discerning group. Their #1 goal is to inspire their readers, so we make it our goal–on behalf of York Wallcoverings–to inspire them.

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