Industrial Revolution

Warehouse renovation and the reinvention of industrial space for residential use has redefined décor. Here, sophistication is raw, elements unfinished and concepts of repurposing and redefining reign. If you’re as inspired by the industrial trend as we are, here’s a short list of basics to help achieve the look that has taken interiors by storm.

Repurpose common and utilitarian items into decorative pieces with an emphasis on vintage finds. Architectural objects (like stained glass doors) and everyday items (such as scissors, rusty barn hooks, tractor seats and old books) become new and intriguing when used in decorative ways.

Patterns: “Pablo” from the Urban Chic collection; “Library” and “Conveyor” from the Industrial Interiors collection. All other images found on Pinterest.

Mix fixtures and materials in a balance of “modern meets natural” and look to the unconventional for a new twist on oversized art. Here, more IS more, so layer it on in an eclectic mix to warm up the cool sophistication of functional design.

Caption here
Patterns: “Brick”, “Pound the Pavement” and “Street Art” from the Urban Chic collection from York. All other images found on Pinterest.


Knowing your manufacturing metals such as brass, steel, iron and copper is a must. Choose furnishings with their origins in industrial applications such as retro office furniture or fixtures with exposed mechanical detailing. Plumbing pipe has practical application from handrails to hardware, and subway tiles are finally getting out of the train station!

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Patterns: “Vintage Tin” and “Grand Central” from Urban Chic; Pattern “Street Light” (center image) from the Restoration Elements commercial collection for MDC. All other images from Pinterest.

This is the perfect environment for play, experimentation, adaptation and invention, so most importantly, enjoy your space and be comfortable in it. Welcome to the new Industrial Revolution!

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