Brown Sugar and Spice, That’s Nice!

With Thanksgiving soon upon us it’s a busy time of year for both you and your home.   There is a chill in the air and families nestle inside enjoying parades, football and of course, elaborate meals.  It’s time to dust off the dining room furniture and get this oft neglected room back to the forefront.

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Tailored Stripe wallpaper (GX8113) and Paisley Scroll (GX8138) from York’s Passport collection.  Harvest table top and pumpkin pie from Pinterest.

Comfort Living with Pumpkin Pie                                              Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Rich, with a hint of spice; a description that aptly describes pumpkin.  For home décor, it’s a color that suggests cozy warmth.  Not as regal as red, you can relax around this color and feel comfortable in your favorite jeans and cashmere sweater.  Pumpkin is amazing on your walls; it infuses the room with a soft glow, blanketing it in contentment.  In the dining room it is an especially pleasing color, enhancing both the appearance of the decor and the presentation of the food.  It is also a gender friendly color; attractive to men and women equally.  A stylized medallion, as shown in this Georgetown design by York Wallcoverings suits both classic and contemporary décor and invites accents of honey sand and sable for easy coordination from one room to the next.

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Scenic Woodland wallpaper (AP7449) from Ashford’s Silhouettes collection.  Laurens paisley damask and Boxhill Stripe wallpapers both from Ronald Redding Designs collection 18 Karat II.  Pear Spice Cake adapted from Gourmet.  Pear centerpiece table top from Pinterest.

A Pear of Pretty Colors                                                      Pear Spice Cake Recipe

Anjous, a very aromatic pear with a pleasant sweet flavor and hint of citrus, is a great choice for a special Thanksgiving dessert, either cooked or eaten as is.  Their rosy hue adds a beautiful warmth to any fruit basket and when used as a centerpiece, lends an air of quiet elegance to the table top décor.  This autumn favorite is equally beautiful surrounding your walls, and pairs nicely with a wide range of warm neutrals from heavy cream to deep champagne.  Select a stripe to add height to the room, a filigree damask to add refinement, or this scenic woodland motif for whimsy.

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Links wallpaper (LD7621) from Carey Lind Designs Jewel Box collection.  Harvest table top images and Gingerbread House image from Pinterest.  Filigree geometric check wallpaper from Carey Lind Designs Jewel Box collection.

The Gingerbread House                                                Gingerbread House Recipe

If your decorating style is clean with a hint of bold, there’s nothing quite like a geometric design with a splash of strong color.  The color ginger, like the spice, is not for the faint of heart.  It clearly states your on-trend tastefulness and ability to be at the forefront of cutting edge décor.   Whether you are totally committed or opting for an accent, this ginger spice shade will wake up your room.  York’s new age plaid “filigree” and ribbon lattice “Links” designs from the Jewel Box collection have just the right edge in color and design with their soft honey background and strong accents of color.

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Hampton Trellis wallpaper (WA7707), Forever Yours floral trail in roomset (WA7757) and Casa Blanca Rose wallpaper (WA7735) all from Waverly Classics collection by York.  Autumn Garden table top image from Pinterest.

Apple Blush:  Soft yet Crisp                                                      Apple Crisp Recipe

A trip to the orchard market each fall is a time honored tradition with a dozen varieties of shiny apples to choose from.  Macintosh with its deep red skin, honey crisp – the middle ground apple that is both sweet and tart, and gala – that yummy slightly vanilla tasting crisp apple that is the personal favorite of so many of us.  The special rosy glow of nature’s gala apple skin inspires many designers as it is the perfect color compliment to any room décor.  Richer than pink and more livable than red it soothes, and warms and invites you to stay awhile.

Whatever your decorating style this Thanksgiving, you can trust York Wallcoverings to have the designs you are looking for in the colors that keep you on trend;  printed right here in the USA and ready to ship to your home.  Visit our website and let our search engine make it easy for you to find exactly the right wallpaper.  There are so many great patterns; you may decide to decorate more than just your dining room!


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