Surface Printing from 1898 to Today

Masterworks by Ron Redding is one of our newest collections with a multitude of beautiful patterns that are the direct result of a surface printing method that’s been used since the 19th century. Manufactured right here at York Wallcoverings, this lofted ink process mimics a hand-painted style making each pattern a unique piece of artwork for your walls. Read on to find out just how detailed and historic this printing process is.

Our surface printer was built in 1898 and continues to manufacture beautifully detailed patterns to this day. Surface printing reproduces a stencil-like effect through the use of print cylinders. The ink is applied to the raised portion of the cylinder and acts as a stamp transferring the color onto the paper. The paper is hung from drying racks that slowly make their way down the line in preparation for the next print roller design to complete the pattern. A new roller is required for each color of the design, and a three person operation is key to ensuring quality control, as well as safety during this process. From adding the inks to making sure the machine is always running its best; the Printer, Ground Operator and Reeler are a team as finely tuned as the machine they work on.

A timeless image of two hard working York employees working the oldest surface print machine in the United States.
A Mirror Image: These gentleman keep the presses running smoothly, operating the surface printer with a sharp eye and top notch mechanical expertise. Luke (left) and Scott (right) each have over 35 years experience working in surface print here at York Wallcoverings.


(Circa 1950’s) York Wallcoverings employees engrave print rollers by hand. This meticulous art would continue until the late 1990’s.
Today, we currently house over 8,000 print rollers.
A closer look at the finished product: “Leaf & Vine” and “Kinetic”.


Pattern: Leaf & Vine

Each stage of this process has character and quality craftsmanship that’s second to none. From the inks to the changing of the rollers to the drying and reeling process; Masterworks truly is a collection where the name says it all.

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York Wallcoverings is pleased to announce their most recent collaboration with modern mix masters DwellStudio.
Smart, playful and au courant, this sophisticated medley of animal, vegetable, and mineral print offerings are much more than wallpaper; they personify the effortless flair of individual style.


Pattern Esher is at play in the field of physics; alive with dimensionality. This is mad science at its stylish finest. Balanced by subtle monochromatic tonality, it creates the look of a texture; or is it a geometric pattern? What do you see, besides beauty?



Sophisticated and sublimely unique, Otomi-inspired folk pattern Oaxaca is reimagined in lofty silhouette. Created in our exclusive Sculpted Surface process, which mimics the look of an artisanal hand painting, it honors tradition by its reinvention for modern spaces.


Medici Marble

The architecture of classical design is inspired by the cool sophistication inherent in marble. Pattern Medici Marble incorporates the elevated status of this iconic sculptural cornerstone and redefines it as contemporary lux in unexpected color combined with matte metallic.



With a train of tail feathers draped across colorfully blooming branches, this bold flock of hens and peacocks acts as an anchor to a saturated ground of marvelously fresh color. Pattern Plume does what great design should; reinvent and reinterpret fearlessly.

DwellStudio design is an unexpected blend of style and personality which represents the modern signature of a life well lived. Find them at retailers across the country.

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Oscars 2017

A vast array of color and pattern trend was on beautiful display at The Academy Awards 2017 last night. Emerging trends included folk prints, fringe, geometrics, butterflies and damask done in luscious colors from lavender to gold metallic. Here are some of our favorites for pattern of the year!


Glamorous Geometrics: Pattern Mesmerize from Candice Olson is a perfect match to the structural elegance of Priyanka Chopra in Ralph and Russo.


Classic Damask: Pattern Paradise shimmers in liquid metallic gold, much like Emma Sone in Haute Couture Givenchy, combining textural mesh and damask with trending fringe accents.


Boudoir Beautiful: Pattern Geometric Trellis and Charlize Theron in Dior Haute Couture contrasts burnished bronze with sultry black for simple sophistication.


Fresh and Lovely: Pattern Jeweled Monarch and Kelly Ripa in Carolina Herrera, welcome spring in a beautiful botanical on blue.

All celebrity images courtesy of the English Room

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