YWC color of the year 2016: Metallic Gold

York has chosen gold, the new star of interiors, as our color of the year. The balancing touch of brilliant shine which began as an accessory obsession has grown to incorporate subtle finishes and updated past incarnations to become home décor’s newest neutral.

Combine gold with everything, transitioning from trend through traditional in warming finishes of brushed gold, rose gold and translucent iridescent. Gold brings a soft welcoming edge to modern and an elegance to everything it touches, so this year why not go for the gold?


York Wallcoverings patterns top to bottom: “Light as a Feather” and “Charma”, “Haven”, “Modern Marble”. All other images found on Pinterest.

Simply White

Although “Simply White” has created a furor as this year’s choice from Benjamin Moore, partner it with gold and watch simple turn sophisticated. Still clean in its fundamental nature, use brushed finishes for warm casual and brass for new contemporary.


York Wallcoverings patterns top to bottom: “Luxury Paisley” and “Kaleidoscope”. All other images found on Pinterest.

Paradise Found

This year, ever elegant Farrow & Ball chooses “Paradise Found”; a silky, dusky hue whose matte-finish presence evokes images of misty moors and shadowed green glades. Enter glimmering gold and watch as ripples of shimmer dance across this shade’s deep pool of saturated sage.


York Wallcoverings patterns top to bottom: “Dotted Paisley” and “Oasis”, “Modern Marble”. All other images found on Pinterest.

Rose Quartz and Serenity

Leave it to Pantone to combine pink and blue in a mix whose partnership is anything but childlike.” Rose Quartz and “Serenity”, while both soothing and translucent, are blended for tones more subtle and interesting that either alone. Here, rose gold’s subtle yet coppery overture glows with the gentle blush of a candle, warming and soothing in complimentary counterpoint.


York Wallcoverings patterns top to bottom: “Tullerie” and “Great Expectations”. All other images found on Pinterest.


York Wallcoverings choice for 2015, Mink, the warm blending of taupe and grey, pairs perfectly with metallic gold. Every shade from rose to brass and iridescent sheer can keep up with the diversity of mink, paring easily with the most organically earthen browns to the sublimely complex velvety greys.

So partner gold’s luxurious depths with all the colors of the year for 2016. And remember, this year as every year, it all starts with the walls!

Holiday Decor Trends

Home trends influence the season in the most beautiful of ways for 2016.


Bottom wallpaper pattern: ‘Jeweled Monarch’ – All other images found on Pinterest.

Visions of Sugar Plums: While holiday decorating with frosty retro pastels is a modern classic, add their neon cousins and trending compliments to the mix for the panache of the divinely sophisticated, taking Christmas past into Christmas future.


Bottom wallpaper pattern: ‘Regent’s Glen’ – All other images found on Pinterest.

Hipster Holiday: Edgy and whimsical, today’s bright new generation invents their own version of all things seasonal by using classics in stronger, individual ways; so mistletoe the dog, have your Christmas tree in a cup, or wrinkle the wrap. Have fun with it, people, no rules for the yule!


Bottom wallpaper pattern: ‘Velocity’ – All other images found on Pinterest.

Golden Season’s Greetings: Gold has become an international sensation and is stepping out to claim the status of the only metallic to use in 2016. Do not fear gold with colour, use blue, blush or even the “new neutral” grey. Remember, Gold is the new silver and grey is the new beige!


Bottom wallpaper pattern: ‘Irongate Trellis’ – All other images found on Pinterest.

Natural Noel: Creative new ways to use organic materials have filtered into holiday décor and this year the look is cleaner and simpler than ever. Don’t overdo, just let winter tell its enchanting story. Saving the world, one organic decoration at a time…..



Announcement: Top of the Charts

This Old House magazine names York Wallcoverings Sure Strip™ spray system to their Top 100 Products list for 2015.

This Old House magazine, the nation’s expert in home renovation, with a reach to 6 million consumers monthly, releases its prestigious Top 100 Products list annually. This list identifies the most useful and distinctive of new products for the home, and this year York Wallcoverings innovative Sure Strip™ wallpaper system has secured a spot in their Best New Finishing Touches category!


All of the beautiful wallpaper displayed above are on Sure Strip™ go to http://www.yorkwall.com/book/Y07 to view all the collections.

The new spray bottle water application tool eliminates the use of water trays, excess glue issues and the need to purchase additional installation products. Partnered with scientifically advanced and environmentally friendly Sure Strip™ wallpaper,  this new generation of pre-pasted wallpaper makes decorating with wallpaper as easy as painting, and when it’s time to redecorate, removal is quick and simple, pulling off the undamaged wall in full sheets.

The patterns and decorating styles available in these new performance technologies span the breadth of York Wallcoverings diverse and extensive collections which are based on 120 years of serving beautiful design and quality products to the home décor industry.  Find them all on our web http://www.yorkwall.com/book/Y07